Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Being Recalled For Overheating Risk

It was the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery was well-publicized issue for the company’s past. Now that another bad news regarding the Galaxy Note line. Just over 10,000 batteries for the Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled for risk of overheating error that could lead to burns or fires. The South Korean firm has had to put in place a battery recall affecting certain Note 4 devices.

Galaxy Note 4 Fire

This recall is now official and is a lot different than last year’s Note 7 debacle. While that one affected every single phone and happened because of a design flaw. This one is far more limited and doesn’t actually seem to be Samsung’s fault. But that doesn’t mean there are no battery-related problems going forward.

Only phones refurbished through AT&T’s insurance program and handled by FedEx Supply Chain are impacted by the recall. Some of the refurbished phones apparently ended up with “counterfeit” batteries that include anomalies that could make them overheat.

Replacement Batteries Being Sent Out

Given the fact that we are very near to the Galaxy Note 8 launch. Customers would never have thought that the Note 4 would be subject to this type of recall. But that’s exactly the position that we find ourselves in.

Fortunately, the Note 4 has a replaceable battery, so this recall isn’t as big of a deal. Owners can just buy a new battery to use in their phone unit the recall is taken care of.

Some of the handsets replaced under the aforementioned AT&T replacement program – fitted with a counterfeit battery. This doesn’t meet standards and expectations, and therefore exhibits the potential to cause harm by overheating if left in operation.

In addition to it, one of the redeeming factors for Samsung is that the Note 4 actually comes with a replaceable battery. It’s very easy to swap out for a new one. FedEx is currently sending out replacement batteries as well as boxes for returning the recalled phones.

Those who are affected can simply purchase a new battery and swap it in the interim. Also can wait until FedEx delivers the replacement legitimate battery.

Galaxy Note 4 Battery Recall Is Official: Here’s everything you need to know

In a statement, Samsung placed the blame for the recall on FedEx. A spokesperson also disputed this article’s use of the phrasing “Galaxy Note 4 batteries,” since they were not made by Samsung.

FedEx Supply Chain is conducting this recall of non-genuine Samsung batteries as some of them are counterfeit,” the spokesperson said. “The refurbishment program was managed by FedEx Supply Chain and operated independently of Samsung. Any affected owners should contact FedEx Supply Chain at 1-800-338-0163 or go online at for more information.”

Though the Note 4 is a three-year-old phone, the affected units were sent out pretty recently. All of them were distributed between December 2016 and April 2017.

Galaxy Note 4 Battery

Thus far, there’s only been one report of a phone overheating issue and no damage to people or property because of it.

Samsung has so far only been alerted to one issue. But of course, in the interests of safety, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has weighed in with its official advice to stop using the device’s battery immediately. If you feel like you’re affected by one of these replacement batteries, then it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

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