Report: Galaxy Note 7R To Hit The Shelves By The End Of May Or Early June, Half Price

Samsung has already confirmed that a refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7 will return to store shelves this year in certain markets, but all said without specifying a firm release date or pricing for the handsets, though. A new report from Korea indicates that the launch is now imminent, and the phone is expected to go on sale by the end of this month, May or may be early June. What’s more interesting here is that the details circulating about Note 7R pricing, which is said to be priced around 50% cheaper than the original ill-fated Note 7.

The latest report from The Investor says the phone will be release in Korea as soon as this month. With model numbers – SM-N935K, SM-N935L, and SM-N935S, Samsung recently gained approval from the FCC in the United States and plans to soon apply for safety certification with the local regulator, the National Radio Research Agency. In this case, the approval process takes up to a month, meaning that the phone could be in stores in early June at the soonest.

Commenting on, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 7R – that’s the name for the safe Galaxy Note 7 version that won’t explode – will launch before the Galaxy Note 8 debuts. First of all it launches through the Korean local operators SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus. “We have not yet decided on the phone’s launch schedule,” a Samsung official said. “We plan to launch the phone before the Galaxy Note 8 that comes out later this year.”

Leaked information appears to suggest the Galaxy Note 7R will sport a smaller 3200mAh battery and run Android 7.1.1 out of the box. Compared to the original handset had a 3500Mah capacity unit and launched with Android 6.0.1 on board, the new Note 7R is safer than ever.

In terms of specifications, the Galaxy Note 7r’s will be the same as the original infamous Note 7. Samsung seems ready to unleash the Galaxy Note 7R in its home market, but not knowing the time which other markets will receive the handset, or if it’s heading to the US or not. With that said, also known that Samsung has around 3 million Galaxy Note 7 units in its warehouse that need to be disposed of one way or another.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R may go with a price-tag for 700,000 won (US$620 / Rs. 39930 approximately), about 30-percent cheaper than the launch price of the Note 7.

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