Forget Renders Of Galaxy Note 8, Here Are Actual Photos

Forget the Galaxy Note 8 concepts and rendered images that we keep seeing in leaks. With less than a couple of days to go until Samsung unveils the phone officially in New York, someone has already playing with what appears to be a dummy Galaxy Note 8 unit. Indeed, it’s not a fully-functional phone, but the images still give us an idea to think different. What to expect from the unreleased phone from Samsung?

Galaxy Note 8 Live

Guess what it appears to show us its great design and look at exactly how Samsung turned its 2017 Galaxy Note 8 into. The smartphone in these pictures looks like what you expect. The Infinite Display dominates the front side of the handset. The screen edges less curved than they are on the Galaxy S8.

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The images does show the display that turned on in one of the photos posted here. In fact, that’s likely not the case, though. There’s no indication about this is a functional handset. Instead, it might appear just to be a photo laid over the area where the display would be.

On the back, we find a dual lens camera that’s been flanked on the right side by the heart rate sensor, rear-facing Touch ID. Followed by another purported picture, reveals no S Pen in sight.

The S Pen should come in the same color as the phone, which is black in this case. The stylus and phone will share matching colors as we know thanks to the many leaks that showed us in press images. Samsung will use the same variations for the Galaxy Note 8. As we also saw the brand new Deep Blue Sea color option coming to the Note line.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 8’s announcement is scheduled for August 23rd. The phone will reportedly ship after launching a day later in the US. With preorders for the Galaxy Note 8 expected to start in other markets the following week. The regions includes Australia, Korea, and other major markets.

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