New Report Reaffirms That Galaxy Note 8 Will Feature A Dual Camera

By the end of 2017, Samsung will launch its long-awaited followup to the in-famous Galaxy Note 7. Despite the fact that the Note 7 indeed went down in flames, the Galaxy Note 8 is receiving quite as much hype as any Android phone this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the biggest comeback story in phones following all of the ill-fated Note 7 battery debacle last autumn. And now that our Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ reviews are up, though with some issues, we’re focused on what next hardware is coming up.

Unfortunately we can’t tell about Note 8 price information or suggest as we’re still several months out from the release of the hardware, but leaks are definitely helping to paint a more complete picture of what Samsung‘s phablet will have to offer. The refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7 in the form of Galaxy Note 7R on its way, soon be available in select markets. That too before the Galaxy Note 8 release.

According to the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claimed that not only would the Galaxy Note 8 feature a dual camera, but also would refer to “be more better than that of iPhone 7 Plus, and likely match that of OLED iPhone.” Given the fact, he expects the camera to be most significant upgrade on the Note 8.

The Korean publication MK News backed up this assertion with a report of its own kind. An industry source citing says that Samsung is “reviewing the benefits of dual cameras internally and will release products within the year.” With no surprise, this comes especially in light of last week’s leak which featured an image of the upcoming Galaxy C with a dual-lens camera.

In this case, it seems like Samsung is almost certainly going to move to dual camera system, it’s just a matter of when we will begin to see them on the company’s phones.

Admitting the fact or rumor, this isn’t the most compelling Note 8 leak though, we’ve seen to date, but nevertheless, it’s another shred of evidence that the next flagship Samsung phone will feature a dual camera cutout.

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