Are These Stunning Galaxy Note 8 Concept Renders To Become Real Ever?

How badly do you want the Galaxy Note 8 to be in reality? It is expected to take cues from the company’s new Galaxy S8 design and improve up on it even more, offering an ever larger display. Today we fond of seeing stunning concept renders of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, the next-big phablet device which have put together vs Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which are all set to go on sale to the public around the globe. But again that’s not going to stop people from beginning to look forward to what may be around the corner.

What means the Galaxy Note 8 to many? Now, after a disastrous 2017 in which the Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled and subsequently cancelled due to faulty batteries, all eyes are definitely on Samsung’s next initiative to see what the new iteration will be like.

In fact, the Galaxy Note 8 to offer an even better display and screen-to-body ratio, the hot on the heels upcoming handset has been imagined in a new concept photos that are going to make you wish fall 2017 would just get here already. Samsung is expected to launch another flagship smart-device this year to compete with Apple’s yet-unannounced iPhone 8, may be.

Galaxy Note 8 Concept outed
Prior to its official unveil, Samsung follows the same method that we have accustomed to these days, will take existing Galaxy S8 and build upon it when creating the Galaxy Note 8. By taking design hints from the newest device to leave its development labs and then building it into something worthy of the Note moniker. Samsung will certainly keep the same DNA and design architecture language that users are habituated to but add that unique Note twist to it.

The theory is sound, if Samsung’s same plan is followed in 2018, as it did with the Note 7 will has the potential to be a stunning compliment.

Expected to feature an absolutely huge 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display that accounts for an even larger percentage of the phone’s front panel than the screens on the S8, the Galaxy Note 8 will be almost tablet-sized. Add in a dual camera system matters more to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, as well things really start to get interesting indeed. This is all promising now, but what exactly it will look like?

Galaxy Note 8 Concept
Impressively, Graphic designer Benjamin Geskin wondered the same and shared his vision of the upcoming new Galaxy Note 8 on micro-blogging channel. He set about creating some concept images based on existing rumors, though the results, posted to Twitter, looking dazzling.

If these images are accurate, or even close to the mark, we think the Galaxy Note 8 will be the best looking Galaxy ever. Stay tuned for more sensational news!

(Source: Benjamin Geskin [Twitter])

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