Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date, Price, Specs, Other Rumors In One Place

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 would the phone that’ll go head-to-head with the 2018 iPhone later this year. If you think of August, we can expect Samsung to typically introduce the Galaxy Note, it latest phone for power users, with its trademark digital stylus.

When we eleborate the Galaxy Note series which represents the culmination of Samsung’s technology for the year, the phone that Samsung usually saves as its “best for last” to battle the iPhone and Pixels – followed by thurst in front of buyers when the holidays roll around.

It’s fully expected the Galaxy Note 9 will be more powerful and to move a step beyond the already excellent Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The question here is what the Note 9 could have, what we think it should have, and what we think it absolutely won’t include.

The best rumors and speculations that are already starting to pop up ahead of the official Note 9 launch, and we’ll continue to update this list as new rumors emerge.

First and foremost, that it will surely be called the Galaxy Note 9. Just because the last phone in this series was the Note 8 and the one before was the Galaxy Note 7 this doesn’t mean Samsung wouldn’t skip a number to rename its phone. Somthing like Samsung did skipped 2016’s Galaxy Note 6 in favor of the Note 7 name; some suspected it was to match up numerically to the iPhone 7.

While this type of indication that Samsung’s sticking with the classic progression comes from frequent gadget leaker Evan Blass, whoch tweeted @evleaks that the Note 9’s model number is SM-N960U and its internal name is Crown.

There has been murmurs about the Galaxy Note 9’s August 9 announcement date. Rumor has it that the Note 9 will launch on Aug. 9 in New York. Nice symmetry, ep? 9/9 at 9 a.m. would have been even better, but with the iPhone launch typically around the same date in September, playing chicken with Apple is risky business.

Typically, Samsung would like to prefer its Note phones to go on preorder well before Apple even announces its next round of iPhones. Aug. 9 would be early for a Note launch, which usually happens at the end of the month rather than the begenning.

The Galaxy Note 8 was announced on Aug. 23 last year. But there is some precedent for an early unveiling. The Note 7 unveiling took place Aug. 2 in 2016. Critics pointed fingers at the rush job as one reason that Note 7 units literally burst into flames.

The next-generation Galaxy Note to have a notch? Well, Google has embraced the trend of Android notches, but that doesn’t mean Samsung will. The cut-out screen design gives you a “larger” screen to work with by extending the sides of the screen up around the cut-out where the camera lens, speaker and other sensors live.

Doubt it! There’s an extremely high chance that samsung will keep the Note 9 notch-free and instead use the Note as a way to mock the iPhone X and other notched Android phones.

A patent application does exists for a Samsung phone with a notch design, so does a notch-less one, with holes cut into the display instead of a screen cut-out. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S phones have been safe so far, and Samsung executives have publicly stated that they’re proud of the headphone jack.

Samsung also typically ships its AKG wired earbuds along with the Galaxy phones inside the box, it’ll probably have a headphone jack, too. And about the available colors, one rumor suggests that the Galaxy Note 9 could come in black, grey, levender (similar to the S9’s “lilac purple”), bright blue and brown. Some of these shades could have iridecent qualities like the Galaxy S9 phones and other Samsung models.

Now, the Note 9’s rumored in-screen fingerprint reader isn’t looking good. Many predictions suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 would have a fingerprint reader baked into the display, much like the Vivo X20 Plus UD and the Prrsche Design Huawei Mate RS.

Although the current word in-display is that Samsung’s puled the feature for now, and will save it for the Galaxy S10. The physical fingerprint sensor living below the camera. A Twitter leaker also posted a leaked case that’ll allegedly fit the Galaxy Note 9 that features a cut-out for a rectangular fingerprint reader, Samsung’s preferred shape. Keep in mind that a case maker could easily create renders based on rumors and predictions, which isn’t necessarily the real deal.

When you ask about the next Note 9 to have a foldable display, not possibly would be the answer. Bu we know that Samsung’s working on a foldable phone, and has gone far enough to apply for a patent on a few design scenarios. For the record currently, rumors suggest we won’t see a foldable phone from Samsung until 2009.

The Galaxy Note 9 represents an opportunity for Samsung to pop in a 3D camera, too, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that we expect Samsung to use (the Galaxy S9 already does) supports Applelike technology. But still there’s doubt that Samsung and others will want to use a 3D camera, but after losing a lawsuit and being forced to pay Apple $539 million for patent infrongments, we can’t blame Samsung for wanting to tread carefully.

Another comparison between Samsung’s AR Emoji to take on Apple’s Memoji for iOS 12. Samsung in this case have made 3D avatars first, though its AR Emoji feature in the Galaxy S9 camera, only. And Apple’s iOS 12 Memoji avatars are already better at some important things.

Apple’s New Memoji Vs. Samsung’s AR Emoji [Competition]

Samsung can work to fix AR Emoji in two ways. The first is through software fixes that add more customizations. The second is if that Note 9 gets a 3D camera, which would give samsung’s emoji-creating engine more data to grab on to when it scans your face to make your avatar.

Samsung’s industry-first dual-aperture lens on the Galaxy S9 will surely come to the Note 9 as well, but it could take the technology a step further by bringing dual-aperture to the front-facing camera as well.

The aperture helps determine how much light your photo gets, and the more light you get in, the better. A dual aperture front camera sensor could also help automatically make selfies brighter, even without a flash blinding your eyes.

Other rumored Galaxy Note 9 specs

Wait for the official!

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