Samsung releases a new Galaxy S8 model that you can’t buy right now

June 29th marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the handset that came ten years ago, have changed everything in the mobile business. So what better day for Samsung to announce a new phone? Don’t be so excited though, you should know it’s just a new version of the Galaxy S8. And yes, you should also probably know that you can’t actually buy one.

In fact, we heard about something like a pink Galaxy S8 was in the works, and we also heard rumors regarding that only certain markets would get them at first. On Thursday, Samsung literally confirmed everything. Meet the Rose Pink Edition of the Galaxy S8+. Exactly! It appears that only the bigger Galaxy S8 is going to get this particular color option. Starting June 30th, the Rose Pink Galaxy S8+ will be available in select markets including South Korea and Taiwan first.

Apart from the color variant, there’s nothing too special about the phone, which itself isn’t a surprise anymore.

Well, that’s not quite correct. The Rose Pink Galaxy S8+ comes with a special story that only Samsung could concoct. It said these words:

Inspired by nature, the new hue envelops the device, creating a sense of unity and fluidity between the glass and metal of the phone’s body,” Samsung wrote in its short announcement, making Rose Pink sound like the color to get. All of the other Galaxy S8 colors should be jealous right now.

“The Rose Pink color itself is simultaneously sophisticated and modern, adding to the overall aesthetics of the device, intensifying the depth of its design,” Samsung said.

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