Galaxy S8 Users: Are You Facing Random Restart Issue With No Fix Nearby

Some of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners found themselves searching for a fix on what appears to be experiencing a random restarting issue afflicting the hardware.

Certain geographical device owners have already complained about a red tint on the display and of course the recent Wireless charging and WiFi issue, but it looks like as though Samsung could now have another issue to face right now that will need to be dealt with sympathetically by the Korean company.

A thread on Samsung’s help desk (US Community) reveals pages of replies from owners of the latest flagship reporting restarts that occur at random. Those users have also used channel like Reddit to highlight their concerns with the random restarting.

No fix in sight, the device owners seem to have come to single conclusion as to why it could be happening, but what appears to be is that there doesn’t to be a single pattern detected yet. Several users on the US Community page have reported that Samsung has told them to send crash report or send the device in for a repair, or actually get refund on the device. Others. such as Reddit, go into a little additional detail about their own practice.

My phone keeps restarting itself. So far only when it’s not actually in use. Meaning whenever I’m using it it’s fine. When it’s in my pocket it restarts and I only notice because it requires a pin instead of finger print.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Find a fix? I tried factory reset but it didn’t work. It only started happening after my phone took the update.

Again, it hasn’t been identified at the time of writing about the real cause, but the issue had led some device owners to proposed that it could be a microSD card issue, or even a problem when smart syncing from a different phone. One particular user has actually commented on this issue saying that Samsung advised putting the device into Safe Mode to see if the problem still appears. If not, then it could point the finger at a third-party installation or app.

In order to resolve the aforementioned red tint issue, Samsung is already in the progression of rolling out an individual software update, though. If the company receives enough complaints about this latest issue, and deems that there is indeed a problem that needs to be fixed, then it’s very likely that we could be seeing a similar update issued further down in line as an attempt to restrict this problem.

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