Galaxy S8 Vs. iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test: Reason Why Apple Users Switching To Samsung Brand [Benchmarks Video]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 releasing soon, but the hype created for is already in top gear now. Not the first rather any newest flagship device on the block is going to be compared with devices that have held that crown in the past, it is obviously inevitable with the iPhone 7 Plus the biggest name around.

Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Real-world Speed Test Comparison

From the past we already saw that Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ completely crush the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in multi-core benchmarks. With that in mind, folks over at EverythingApplePro have managed to get their hands on one of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 handsets and put together side-by-side to pit against Apple’s finest, the iPhone 7 Plus, in a real-world speed test.

So far, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has gunned past every one of other speed tests which carried out on camera, the said YouTuber took the approach of launching multiple apps, one after the other, on both devices while running a stopwatch to keep track.

Did Samsung finally beat Apple? Well, the theory is that whichever phone gets through a whole run of the test apps first is the winner here. With the test giving an idea of how a device would perform better in a demanding app-driven environment. Furthermore, tests like these include recalling those apps from memory to see how the phones handle multitasking. The results, as you will see from the 10-minute video below, are overwhelmingly in the iPhone’s favor.

How can you Trust that? What we will say is that the test video clip does throw up some interesting things, especially in the way the Samsung device seems to perform when under extremely heavy load. Though the video points out the test being conducted is unlikely to mimic how most people use their devices, but it is clear that the Galaxy S8 did not appreciate being asked to launch multiple large games in quick succession, seeing the iPhone streak into the lead during said portion of the test.

Launching the same games onto Galaxy S8 one-by-one later in the video shows the Samsung’s flagship outperform the iPhone in some tests, suggesting that when it comes to raw speed, the gap between the two devices is minimal.

I, particularly me as a big Samsung fan can only suggest you check the full video out and make a determination for yourself. We don’t actually think we would right the Galaxy S8 off as a power-user’s smartphone just yet.

Now, the first speed test video has been posted to YouTube.

Second test conducted by an user TECH VOICE 2 POHEN Amer, which shows up a clear impact that Samsung’s new smartphones are lightning-fast when it comes to things we do constantly on our phones, such as opening and switching apps. We have good news and bad news to this early real world speed test comparison. The good is already said, and the bad news, however, is that this first speed test was conducted very poorly.

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