These Galaxy S8 WiFi And Wireless Charging Issues Are Minor? Fix on Its Way

Samsung’s iteration of the Galaxy S8 has received a positive review, except of course the placement of the infamous fingerprint sensor.

With the hardware less than a week old though, what heard about is something related to potential teething problems, and while it appears most of them can be reflected via a software update, at least one problem is effectively being ignored by Samsung.

Fix Wi-Fi Problems on Samsung Galaxy S8
First to complain about after the launch of the Galaxy S8 for users would be the screens which exhibited a red tilt to them, and a minimal number impacted appears to be relatively small, though there’s still enough to catch the attention. Samsung has literally confirmed that it is going to release a software patch which will presumably tweak the output that these screens will receive, making them appear less red.

Similarly, the same method is going to be employed when it comes to fixing a problem which has seen some users report WiFi connectivity problems. According to Samsung itself, it has identified a fault in the wireless access point of a carrier in South Korea where the problem appears to be emanating from. This time around, a software fix again comes to scene which is in the works that will resolve this particular issue for those who have been impacted.

The third one however is one which Samsung has yet refused to acknowledge. That is users found themselves that their new Galaxy S8 handset refuses to charge wirelessly when placed on older charging pads. Technically, the smartphone should be backwardly compatible with previous chargers, however there have been reports that not all are working as they should.

Samsung has yet to comment on this S8 wireless charging issue, though with all eyes on Samsung and its history with batteries you do have to wonder if the company has been overly conservative with regards to charging capabilities with its new phone.

What’s really disturbing is that. Samsung really needed to go off without a hitch, the Galaxy S8 problems are already starting to pile up. Let’s hope for a fix for these particular issue sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for more!

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