Can The Samsung Galaxy S9 Beat The iPhone X In 2018?

With Samsung‘s Galaxy S9 release date just a few weeks away at this point, as the South Korean Electronics has sent out invitations for its Unpacked event in Barcelona (MWC). Many are wondering whether Samsung’s Galaxy S8 – the upcoming flagship can beat the iPhone X. Here is everything we know so far.

Apple Vs Samsung [2018]

And there’s no doubt about it: The iPhone X was a seriously impressive phone. The power was just the beginning of what the iPhone X had to offer, however, the release of Apple’s latest flagship introducing a groundbreaking FaceID technology and the OLED display. Face ID ushered in a new standard for facial recognition technology, serving a method to secure and unlock your phone using a technology that could recognize you pretty much every time, even when you get a new pair of glasses or grow a beard. That technology’s accuracy on the iPhone X is impressive enough, despite some reports of problems such as difficulty recognizing Asian faces, and the fact that it can adjust as needed to recognize a dynamic appearance gives Apple the edge when it comes to innovation this generation.

Although Samsung, on the other hand, has been a fierce competitor to Apple. Samsung can take advantage of the fact that there are far more users of Android phones than there are Apple – especially in their home country of Korea. In fact, Apple has made some efforts to gain a footing in Asia with the opening of an Apple Store in Seoul, but it remains that Samsung has enjoyed a near-unchallenged dominance in the smartphone scene. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ has an imminent announcement and release, so we’ll soon get our hands on the latest flagship that the Korean tech giant has to offer.

Until we know exactly what the Galaxy S9 will bring to the table, it’s impossible to declare if the phone is an “iPhone X Killer,” but based off of what we know about both phones, we can warrant a guess. While the Galaxy S9 will offer the best phone that Samsung has produced to date, we don’t feel that it will manage to challenge the dominance of Apple with their trio of flagships – headed up by the iPhone X.

As we don’t have a full list of specifications and design information for the Samsung Galaxy S9, but a recent image released from reliable leaker Evan Blass gave us a good look at the upcoming phone. Honestly, it was looked a lot like the S8, almost exactly the same, in fact. There had been a steady stream of rumors releasing over the past few months that tipped us a sense of what we could expect from the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. We were, however, hoping that the S9 would have a little more to offer that would make it a clear upgrade over the S8 and a clear competitor to the iPhone X.

A Lack of Innovation

Samsung has arrived at a generally solid blueprint for a high-quality Android flagship, Premium design, a high-quality camera, unrivaled performance, and name recognition are usually enough to drive a significant amount of sales. With the release of the Galaxy Note 9 coming this fall, we’ll see some more innovation from the Korean giant, but at this point, the S9 offers enough improvements to warrant a release, but not enough to upgrade from a current generation flagship.

What the Galaxy S9 to offer? Precisely, there are some features coming with the Galaxy S9 that are worth noting. The main philosophy with Samsung’s improvement of the Galaxy S9 was to really flesh out the technology and software surrounding photography. To those looking for the best camera around and are upgrading their phones around the same time of the Galaxy S9 release, the phone may truly come out on top.

For many, photography takes a back seat to daily use of the internet, app use, messaging, and phone calls. While the iPhone X didn’t necessarily innovate in any of those categories, but the combination of increased power and a facial recognition technology we hadn’t seen before was enough to capture the attention of the smartphone market over the holidays.

In order to capture the phone market end. By increasing the quality of the camera and adding in new features, Samsung is catering to a significant audience of phone users that enjoy smartphone photography. Doubling down on a strength will likely make the new Samsung’s phone a win in the eyes of customers. When compared to Apple’s innovation, however, we remain skeptical of its ability to compete.

As we find anything interesting and innovative, we’ll let you know through an updated post. Stay tuned for more.

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