Download: Final Fantasy VII iOS Game For iPhone And iPad Released

The Final Fantasy VII has officially landed on the iPhone and iPad as has been promised by the developer, Square Enix. Finally, the iOS version of the FF VII for gamers was busting with anticipation over the arrival of this classic title that has a cult following for itself, and as reviewed, the game is BIG. Details and download links can be found right here!


Prepare your iPads and iPhones charge as the – JRPG classic Final Fantasy VII is coming to the iOS App Store, but it depends on where you are actually located in the world. With the game currently listed on New Zealand’s version of Apple’s digital storefront (New Zealand iTunes Store), and as of right now U.S. based stores and alike, are in for what could be just a little but unnerving wait for many Final Fantasy fans. The game seems to have been available now, as the North America branch of Square Enix confirmed that it shouldn’t be long before the title hist the U.S. store amongst many others.

Final Fantasy VII for iOS comes in at a huge 1.6GB of download, but that’s not all; you will definitely need to have at least 4GB of free storage space on your iPhone or iPad if you wish to give this game a whirl on your device. Exactly how well it has been optimised for touch controls remains to be seen, but given the original relied heavily on menus for both combat and character management.


Rumors already there regarding Square Enix might opt for a remake of the original game using its Luminous Engine, but the developer has clarified that it is in fact, a direct port. All happened when Square Enix announced that it would be bringing the title over to the iOS platform.

This product is a port based on Final Fantasy VII for PC (No changes or additions have been made to the story).

With no real charges have been made to thee story line and feel the game, the iOS edition of FF VII does rteceive a few special characters, such as an on-screen virtual controllers, which can be digital or analouge depending on your preferences. All that would really be needed is a decent tap-to-walk system for it to lend itself to tablet play. And “are often hit-and-miss at best though, never as precise as a physical joypad, though the App Store description claims the VOC here is designed not to obscure the screen and can the analogue or fixed four-way digital controls of the original PlayStation controller.”

There’s also an option “to turn enemy encounters off on the world and area maps (will not skip event battles) and a Max Stats command to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.

Other changes for the mobile version include an option to turn off random enemy encounters on the world and area maps and a “Max Stats(will not skip event battles) command to instantly level your party. As for supporting iOS compatible controllers, Square Enix makes no mention of such support, indeed be surprised after you download the game and have a go at it.


Final Fantasy VII is compatible with devices running iOS 8 and higher, but developer has recommended to use of at least an “iPhone 5s, 3rd-Generation iPad or later, iPad mini 2 or later.” The legendary 1997 game retails for $19.99 NZD. That’s around £8.39 at a direct conversion, though not a clearer indication of what Square Enix may set the UK price yet.

For now, the Final Fantasy VII iOS game will set you back $19.99 should you decide to purchase it. If you have a New Zealand based iTunes account, you can download the game straight away from the App Store. If you don’t have one and cant wait for the game to hit your local iTunes store. There are ways to create NZ iTunes account and download it now.

(Download: Final Fantasy VII for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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