Nintendo Releases Its First Game Title ‘Miitomo’ On iOS And Android, Download It From Here!

It was been in cards quite for a while now, finally Nintendo’s first game for iOS and Android been released today in Japan. Right away you can now be able to see and download it if you are in the region, unless you follow the trick mentioned at the end of this page.

Miitomo, Nintendo’s new game title becomes the foremost smartphone application, which the social chat-esque client features all things Nintendo will release later this month on global level. Originally announced Miitomo back in October last year and titled the game, which isn’t quite a game exactly in traditional sense, but rather is a free-to-play social game that allows users to create and then customize their Miis, which then turn cumminicate with other Miis on the network. If already used a Wii or Wii U, then you will be instantly familiar with the Mii metaphos, and will likely have one or two of your very own there.

While Nintendo has made Miitomo download available on iOS and Android platform, which is purely focused on the social aspect of gaming, means, those who take part will also be able to gain points that can then be exchanged for in-game content on Nintendo’s platforms such as the aforementioned Wii U as well its portable console, the 3DS. The title however is currently limited to those with access to the Japanese App Store or a Japanese Google account, Miitomo is expected to rollout internationally within the next week or two, and we do not know which countries will get access to it and when.

Nintendo by means working towards bringing its game to the mobile platforms for a little while now, and with today’s multi-platform account system, Nintendo Account, now open for all registrations, it is clear that Nintendo is begenning to recognize that making its games for platforms other than its own may not be all that bad at all after all. With gaming on smartphones and tablets as popular as ever, having Nintendo totles on iOS and Android just makes a big business deal.

Here’s how to download Miitomo on Android and iOS:

Users of Android mobiles need to change some security features in order to get and run APK files. Start with Settings. From there, find the Security menu, depending on your phone organization, or it’s either under the General tab or the Personal section in list view. Check this “Unknown sourcesa” box, which will make you get and install APK files from sources other than official Google Play.

Make a search in Google and type “Miitomo APK”, and the file will turn up. It’s size is around 32MB, open it from your downloads section and install it. Alternatively, you can create a Japanese Google Play account and get it more legitimately, though you won’t be able to link a western Nintendo ID.

Note: Be careful while downloading APK files from untrusted sources.

iOS users getting Miitomo app is a bit complicated, though you can do it easily enough. First, you will need to register for a Japanese Apple ID and use it to sign into the iTunese App Storew on your iPhone or iPad. Still want to download Miitomo right now? Simply follow the guide to create a free Japanese App Store account and download the game for free here. Once you have that ID, open the App Store, log in.

It seems Nintendo is finally starting to realize that.


(Download: Miitomo for iPhone and iPad on the App Store)

(Download: Miitomo for Android on the Play Store)

Share your experiences playing with Nintendo’s Miitomo on your iOS or Android devices. Thank you!

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