Download: Super Mario Run For iPhone And iPad Now Available On iOS App Store

Super Mario Run is one of the most highly anticipated auto-runner platformer video game developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android. With Super Mario Run iOS release set for December 15, that has outed today for free.

You can now download Super Mario Run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right away without any fuss. Announced originally back in September this year during the Apple’s iPhone 7 event, which was among the notable unveils. The series of games featuring the beloved side-scrolling, Italian plumber – has been around since 1981, and carries a heavy sense of nostalgia. Here’s everything you really want to know about the game.


The unique take on the Super Mario experience is now available for global download, instantly bringing the iconic plumber to Apple’s mobile devices for the first time in an official capacity. This release would fairly be a big deal for Nintendo considering it’s the company’s first real venture into producing a game that’s not only solely dedicated to mobile, but actually exclusive in the first instance to Apple’s iOS hardware.

The newly released Super Mario Run itself is a scrolling platform game, which is the first time Nintendo has brought Mario to the small screen in an official capacity by giving them his own gameplay that sees the plucky-mustached plumber thrust into a number of changing environments in the pursuit of gathering coins and evading any peril that any of the 6 worlds have to offer.

Gamers can also expect more interaction between Super Mario game that sees the system automatically control Mario’s movement through the individual worlds. From an interaction perspective, those same gamers are presumed to control Mario’s jumps wth taps, forcing the main character to react in different variations depending on the timing of the tap.


The purpose of those taps and interactions will be to ensure that Mario evades any baddies that may approach, as well as collect as many coins as possible en route to saving Princess Peach from Browser’s clutches. Of course, this may be a modern-day Mario, but nevertheless didn’t think there wasn’t going to be a princess involved, did you?

The game size of Super Mario Run to take up around 370MB of storage space. It might not sound much but could be a problem if you have a 16GB iOS device or a poor internet connection, better using a WiFi instead of Cellular could save your data usage. Nintendo has stated that you can play Super mario Run on your iOS devices to a few levels at no cost, but didn’t mentioned how many levels will be free. In my though it could  be up to three levels and a brief sampling of the fourth. Actually, the game price is $9.99 in the US, which could be around Rs. 620 in India.


However, the game features 6 individual worlds, filled with 24 brand-new courses that are all designed to perfectly maximize the fact that Super mario Run is intended to be played with one hand. Multiplayer features allow gamers to compete against one another, and the challenge others across the world in Toad Rally, There’s still the ability to gather coins throughout the journey and build your own Toad Kingdom that can feature unique buildings and decorations.

It’s official now, Super Mario Run is available to download directly from Apple’s iOS App Store, offering support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or higher.

(Download: Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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