Facebook Messenger’s Secret Basketball Game Is Indeed Addictive, Here’s How To Enable

Facebook has done it again and introduced an in addition hidden chess game buried in Messenger, still there’s an addictive basketball game which you can unlock it on your mobile phone. This secret game of basketball going on via Facebook Messenger, complete with celebratory emojis everytime you score. The social network seems to be trying to project its Messenger as more than an instant app, and has prudently rolled out the basketball game inside the messenger app.


The Facebook Messenger madness is upon us, we recommend checking out a hidden game built into its chat app. Just send a basketball emoji to some friends and you can face off in a swipe-based shooting contest. In order to unlock it, users will have to add basketball emoji to a conversation thread, and by simply clicking the emoji, can start playing the game directly on your Facebook Messenger.

It however seems simple enough at first. Just hold your finger on the basketball, then slide up to shoot in that direction. Much easier than ever, right? Once you get to 10 points, the hoop starts moving from left to right — and it speeds up once you reach 20 points. Facebook asks players to use their index finger, with your thumb resting on your index to keep it steady. It also suggests to make use of steady motion and don’t pause at the end of your shot.

Just after hitting 30 points, the hoop is no longer confined to going back and forth on a straight line. Good luck folks! Try not to waste too many hours on the March Madness Facebook craze, then.

How To Play?

Actually, the ball moves after each throw, creating increasingly difficult angles for your digits to contend with. It aims at nail consecutive baskets, build up a higher score that’s unbeatable for your Facebook friends. The problem is that the basket moves from sides to side once your score breaches 10, making perfect shots high on impossible.

To play hidden basketball on, open Facebook emoji window, tap on the basketball emoji, and send it to a friend via Messenger app. Then tap on the ball in your message and the basketball game will show up. Challenging! And just in time to celebrate March Madness. The ball will switch positions each time you shoot. It’s about as simple as you could ever hope for an Easter egg game to be.

Challenge your friend right now! With chess and now basketball games hidden within Facebook Messenger rolled out. We only wondering what’s next?

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