Fan-made No Man’s Sky Companion App Now Available To Download Before Game Release


In short called NMS Ally. This is the fan made companion app for No Man’s Sky that has launched before the game release. Available even before the Indie game has launched, this companion app No Man’s Sky is designed to help players demystify the vast game with deep gameplay machines. The app already has 5000 to 10000 installs on the Play Store.

A Reddit user has created this companion app for ‘No Man’s Sky’, which is highly-anticipated sci-fi exploration game, is all set for launch on August 9th but that hasn’t stopped one fanfare from making a companion app for the game prior to its official schedule.

Of course, it’s an unofficial app called MS Ally and the creator goes by the name: Aleator83. The app itself comes with a few features that are bound to make your gameplay a little less intimidating. Wit a few handy features like a name generator for planets and creature that cross your path, a journal that tricks where and when elements were discovered when playing and lots you upload screenshots that you can share with other app users.

NMS Ally has a community feature as well, where screenshots from the game can be shared and the photos can also be uploaded directly from the PlayStation, for those who use that console. You can name creatures and planets by generating unique names for them and there’s an app crowd sources information on which elements are available where, with a journal where players can record the points they obtained a particular element. Community discoveries can be commented on as well.

This is a free app NMS Ally, but those who want to support the developer can opt for the pro mode. Feature already there that shows users where they can find resources and the app is currently live for Android, will be available for download on iOS is being processed by Apple.

The current version of the No Man’s Sky companion app is now on Google Play, and soon expected to launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC next week.

(Download: NMS Ally For Android From Google Play Store)

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