Grand Theft Auto 6 Is On Its Way Now, Gone Into Production [Report]

GTA in full called Grand Theft Auto is about as big as things in the grand world of gaming franchises. With GTA games having been big revenue generators for a good few years now and GTA 5 having been released on anything that is even remotely capable of running it, developer Rockstar has apparently now decided that it is time to move futher, with GTA 6 begenning its development cycle, could be a big money-earners now.

Reportedly, a Rockstar insider has spilled the beans not only on the fact that GTA 6 is now being worked on, but also set a GTA game ouside the United States for the first time ever. Rockstar was supposedly consiudering the possibility of Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo.

Released games however loosely based on U.S. cities, the folks at Rockstar likely sent people over to tokyo, Japan in order to scope the capital out with an eye on creating a GTA game specifically designed on the city. Based on this idea, since been shelved for reasons that have not been shared at this point, with GTA 6, or GTA VI, if you like Roman numerals as much as Rockstar does, now begenning development. Confirmed location for the game has not yet been decided, though.

For now, the idea of GTA 6 being in the works is no great surprise, but nevertheless many fans will likely be more interested in whether Rockstar will release any single-player DLC for the current GTA V title. Rocstart made gamers believe that such a thing would be in the store, but if GTA 6 is now being actively worked on within Rockstar, will it have the dandwidth to develop the DLC that so many eagerly waiting for?

No exact or possible timescales given for the fact when GTA 6 will arrive, or even what consoles it, will debut on, but we can only expect there to be plenty more news rumored or whatever on the projects as time goes by. This is Grand Theft Auto, after all!


(Source: TechRadar)

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