Pikachu Might Be The Next Shiny Pokemon To Appear In Pokemon Go [Report]

Rumor has it that a rare Pikachu will arrive in Pokemon Go within a week or so. Now that the long-awaited Pokemon Go Gym overhaul has been rolled out and Raid Battles have already been opened to everyone over level 20, trainers are deliberately waiting for the next big additions to the game. One of such will presumably occur next week during the game’s one-year anniversary celebration. Prior to that, today the news surfaced suggesting that the Pokemon Go game is getting a shiny new Pikachu. Here are the details.

Regarding that to trust and believe the hype, an email shared on Reddit this week seems to directly indicate that a new Pikachu variant is coming in August as well. User lengaturtle92 is a game designer planning to attend the ACM SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference at the end of July. On Tuesday, the Reddit user received an email about the event detailing some of the experiences that would take place, including one that stood out to Pokemon Go fans:

Niantic Inc., creator of Pokemon Go, will release a rare Pikachu

The information (compiled by Pokemon Go Informer) starts with an initial report on the inclusion of a “Shiny Pikachu.” But there’s nothing verifying that specific claim just yet, attendees of the SIGGRAPH 2017 did receive an email confirming the existence of a rare Pikachu, though. Niantic does have a new patch on the way, and references to shiny versions of Pokemon has existed in the game code since December 2016, but again, there’s no word of such a release is actually incoming.

What’s more, it just happens that Ninatic will be at the event as well, hosting a panel called “Evolution of AR in Pokemon Go.” Along with the panel, Niantic team will apparently release a unleash rare Pikachu variant into the wild during the conference. Tipped by SlashGear, as it has received an email this week that it will be a Shiny Pikachu.

Providing the “rare Pikachu” in question, there’s no indication really is Shiny Pikachu, it might be just the third Shiny Pokemon in the game, following Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados from earlier this year. It will also likely be extra difficult to find, so you might want to start saving up Poke Balls now just to be safe.

In other words, we’re likely to see a rare Pikachu in the future, whether it’s a Shiny Pikachu? Let alone happening next week – is anyone’s guess. When Niantic Labs has more info, you can absolutely expect to hear it from us.

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