Need For Speed No Limits Download For iOS And Android Released

The first original game built exclusively for mobile devices, the Need for Speed: No Limits is a 2015 series has now racing onto iOS and Android Stores. EA has continued to show its commitment to mobile gaming by releasing their foremost Need for Speed title, has worked in conjunction with Melbourne-based Firemonkeys Studio – who of course have pedigree with the Real Raching series – to bring Need for Speed No Limits to the iPhone, iPad App Store and Google Android Play as an entirely free download. Get it right after this jump.

Playing Need for Speed No Limits is something like everything you’d expect from a game within the extremely popular series, and of course you can immediately tell that it has the financial might of a company like EA behind it.

Race for dominance on the Blackridge streets and leave rivals in the dust when you accelerate over jumps, around debris, into traffic, against walls etc. Fans of fast-paced mobile-eligible adrenaline will be able to take partin over 900 race events across 100 individual player levels. How many? There is a total of 38 race cource available throughout the game that will see the gamer being able to interact with 30 officially licensed vehicles and also has the ability to customize the body parts and full body kits littered allover the game from the likes of Rocket Bunny and 6666 Customs.

Visually, Need for Speed No Limits is stunning and it has lot going for. The gameplay is addictive and fast-paced. It has tournament based features that will exclusively see gamers compete against one another for unltimate suremacy. Nevertheles like Real Racing 3, the NfS: No Limits game itself will also develop and grow over time, bringing even more to the small screens for those devices running iOS and Android.

Released in Taiwan and the Netherlands, EA has reigned in the selfish manner and published the titles across worldwide app stores for both the major mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets.

If adrenaline pumping action and dodging the cops is your thing, then check out the download links below to get it now.

(Download: Need for Speed No Limits for iOS)
(Download: Need for Speed No Limits for Android)

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