You Can Now Play PS3 Games On Samsung Smart TVs Without PlayStation 4 Console Required

Sony and Samsung has made an unusual agreement to allow owners of select Samsung Smart TVs to play games via PlayStation Now. Brings PS3 games to the smart TV which doesn’t require any console anymore. For those gamers being able to stream PlayStation 3 titles without the need of PS or Sony’s hardware of any kind. Details on how to play PS3 games on Samsung Smart TV can be found right after this fold.


It was last year when Sony launched PlayStation Now for a limited PS4 owners and offered a rental model which saw games able to rent and stream PS3 games over the magic of the Internet. Now that the game streaming service is slowly making its way to a wider range of platforms, those very same gamers can take advantage of a $19.99 subscription service that has 125 titles in its roster. Yes, it’s a slightly limited library, but you can’t complain about anything aboout empty either. Currently, people without PlayStation 4 can now play PS Now titles as well, assuming they have the right brand and model of television from Samsung.

From Sony’s website:

Currently there are over 350 PS3 games available for individual rental and over 100 PS3 games available inside the subscription catalog. Games span a variety of genres, from action to RPG and everything in-between, offering something for everyone.

Partnership with Samsung, Sony has announced in in December, as some Smart TVs can now stream PS Now games without the need for any additional hardware, except a DualShock 4 controller, important anyhow. The PS Now library features over 300 PS3 games available for streaming, all of which you’ll be able to access from your Samsung smart TV.

Sony now becomes the first one alloed PlayStatiuon games to be played on non-Sony hardware, though given that the new way PS Now works we’re not even sure it technically qualifies in that regard anyway. Worth mentioning that the service is currently limited to those select Samsung Smart TVs that are being sold in the United States and Canada.

For those outside the oft-mentioned Smart TV owners have to wait and sit tight for things to roll out in your region, as global launch. Samsung Smart TVs however supports standard features like trophies, online multiplayer, and cloud-based game saves. Sony’s PS Now service evidently allows gamers to run PS3 games on a remote server while having the video and game input streamed across the Internet Web. Until now that device has been a PlayStation 4, but with Samsung Smart TVs now joining the fray Sony’s potential audiance for PlayStation Now has grown considerably. Sony likely see PS Now continue to expand to more platforms in the future, but hasn’t made any official announcement as yet.

How many people who would consider paying $20 per month for streaming PlayStataion 3 games don’t already own a PlayStation 4. You can now check the complete list of supported Samsung Smart TVs and titles, as follows:


You must have a supported Samsung Smart TV – happen to also have a DualShock 4 controller as well.

  • JS9500
  • JS9000
  • JS8500
  • JS850D
  • JU7500
  • JU7100
  • JU6700
  • JU6500
  • JU750D
  • JU710D
  • JU670D
  • JU650D
  • J620D
  • J6300
  • J6200
  • J5500

The following 2014 Samsung Smart TVs will get support later on:

  • HU9000
  • HU8700
  • HU8500
  • H8000
  • HU7200
  • H7100/7150
  • HU6950
  • HU6900 (US) / HU7000 (Canada)
  • H6400
  • H6350
  • H6300
  • H5500

Had it! Here’s what you need to do to pair both together:


Have fun by playing PlayStation Now PS3 Games on your Samsung Smart TVs using DualShock 4 controller.

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