Pokemon Go++ Hack 1.7.0 / 0.37.0 Download For iOS And Android Gone Live

You can now download Pokemon Go++ hack 1.7.0 IPA for iOS and Pokemon Go++ 0.37.0 APK for Android. No jailbreak or root is required to grab this to work.

In the last 24 hours if you have checked both the App Store or Play Store you’ll have definitely discover that version 1.7.0 (iOS) and 0.37.0 (Android) of Pokemon Go is available for immediate download. Although the latest update ships with full of usual bug fixes and performance enhancements relating to the experience received by gamers. As you might expect, there’s also the inclusion of a number of user-interface, animation and logic fixes, alongside the unveiling of the new Buddy Pokemon feature that allows Trainers to assign a Pokemon as a Buddy.


That Pokemon will then collect Candies depending on the amount of ground you have covered physically in the game.

If you’ve been regularly enjoying the new and periodical updates that Pokemon Go offers, then chances are that you love it even more if you downloaded the modified hacked version that ships with a number of auxiliary features designed to enhance the experience. Or, if you simply can’t muster the energy to cover the ground necessary to gain Buddy Candies or hatch eggs, then simply tap to walk or navigate to different locations without having to leave your seat.

For an Android device owners who loves nothing more than interacting with and experiencing the joys of Pokemon Go, then you can simply follow our guide on installing the hacked version of the game with no root required.

Before that, you will have to download and use the updated version 0.37.0 of Pokemon Go from Play Store to Fly GPS hack guide.


As for iOS users, they can follow the same guide on installing the hacked IPA based on the new version 1.7.0 without the need for a jailbreak. Of course version 1.7.0 of the hack must be downloaded first then proceed with the instructions.

Enjoy everything that not only the latest version of Pokemon Go has to offer, but also the hacked version with its additional features on the go.

You are warned! Niantic has been reportedly cracking down on accounts using modified software recently, and even went to publicly note via its latest release notes that it would be continuing to eliminate bots, scrapers and modified accounts from the game.

Download: Pokemon Go++ 1.7.0 hack for iOS)

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