The ‘Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo’ Now Available To Download For PS4 And Xbox One

Gamers who are looking for a new kind of experience right on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can try out the new ‘Final Fantasy‘ right now. The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV is not going to arrive until September 30, but PS4 and Xbox One owners can experience a new kind of video-game. If happen to be a huge fan of this iconic Final Fantasy franchise of games, then chances are that you were paying very close attention to the Square Enix” Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event in Los Angles.

Where, the publisher you might expect has not only discussed the new modern Final Fantasy remake in additional detail, but also surprised a few fans by releasing a new playable demo for the game that has been made instantly available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


According to the description you will “Join young Notis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams.” Sounds thrilling….! The fre download for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners is a little treat to taste early bits in itself given the fact that previous demos of the upcoming title were only released to individuals who had previously bought the upgraded console port of the Final Fantasy Type-0 game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Additional treatr factors also there, is derived from the actual that this new demo isn’t just a small sample of the work-in-progress of the game that will ultimately be made available, but a standalone game experience in its own right that walks the gamer through its own behalf little story.

To provide an accurate understanding and feel of how the new Final Fantasy XV will look and feel when it’s officially released, Square Enix engineers have designed the “Platinum Demo”. The similarities however end up as this little demo takes place inside the mind of the main character Notics when he was still a young boy.

The Platinum Demo introduces itself to the gamer by displaying a small fox/unicorn hybrid that can only interact with people and its surroundings by using a smartphone. You could be forgiven for thinking that the ,adness ends there. But you’d be wrong. Very wrong enough. There’s still continous striking and growing of the main caharcter, a plethora of toy cars to drive, and mightly monsters that Noctis must fight as his adult itself.


With all the glory, also worth noting is the fact and fluid battling experience, which is more modern in a big leap from the older and traditional turn based combat system found in the previous FF titles. If you managed to take advantage of the Platinum Demo for what is should raise excitement levels for the ultimate release of the new FF XV gaming experience. That’s a bit solid and the Final Fantasy XV gameplay feels extremely fluid and nevertheless introduces a modern feel to the Final Fantasy franchise.

The demo trailer in the video embedded below is here to check out:

The demo is currently live on Xbox LIVE and PSN, so what’s you waiting for? Go download it now! Just need to wait for the final game to hit the market sometime this Summer.

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