This 3D-Printed iPhone Case Makes Pokémon GO Way Very Easy

Pokémon GO is although becoming even more popular as it continues to expand across the world, in a similar fashion how Prisma photo-editing app for iOS and Android is on hype and trending right now. About the Pokémon GO, catching all 151 Pokémon is easier said than done successfully. Now, there’s a new smartphone accessory specifically designed to make your quest a lot more easier than ever. Here are the details that you will need to know in a better way.

Players of Pokémon GO have well and truly eased themselves into the particular augmented reality game, and currently, starting the day, today handy lifehacks to make gameplay easier are slowly beginning to surface.

If you need never to miss a Pokémon again then get your hands on this ingenious 3D-printed iPhone case. Created by Jon Cleaver, the Pokéball Aimer takes some of the guesswork out of catching Pokémon by guiding your finger. His interest in 3D printing has led to the creation of the phone case that’s been designed to deliver the perfect throw so that players can catch Pokémon with minimum effort and maximum ease.

To use the device, users/players simply slide their iPhone into the case, and once they spot a Pokémon on screen. For that they have to do is run their finger along the opening in the middle section to perform a perfect throw to catch the creature.

It’s is that simple? Just press down on the Pokéball and then swipe up to release automatically.  With luck, you’ll catch the wild creature, still have to do a little aiming then, but this should help if you find yourself veering to the right or left too often.

Wait! Before you consider anything, the accessory for your iPhone also features cutouts for accessing the camera and item buttons and a nice Pokéball design up top. The biggest drawback here is that with you won’t be able to throw a curveball, which we’ve found can help catch some tougher Pokémon, but can also make it more difficult to aim. Only thing you can do is always slide off the case in those situations.

Cleaver is however not selling his creation but nevertheless, you can download the plans for free and make your own with a 3D printer. The model right now available only works on “iPhone 6 shaped phones,” but we may get other versions in the coming days if enough people ask for it.

The 3-D data to print your own Pokéball Aimer is currently available to download for free online at My Mini Factory.For players without access to a 3-D printer, Cleaver is selling the model through Etsy for 672 yen (US$6.31) each.

What do you think about this brilliant iPhone case that makes way to easily catch Pokémon?

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