Download Game: For iOS, Time Surfer Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week [$1 Value]

Now that Apple has listed its free ‘App of the week’ for this 7 days, with the game Time Surfer: Endless Arcade Magic is available for free download, limited time only. For your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, there are of course a variety of apps, under sections like games, beautify, camera, wireless, remote and more, but this is yet another alternative to the most popular Surfer games that you can’t miss it without downloading it. Go ahead and grab it at no cost, which actually priced at $1.

Apple usually chooses one app or game to make free for a week by way of celebrating both the App Store and the title itself. This week’s iteration is a game that would actually cost downloaders $0.99, and wile a dollar may not be the biggest saving we have ever seen as part of the promotion, it’s not to be sniffed at. One point to note is that, if this Time Surfer iOS game downloaded by users of a thousand (makes it $1,000), then think how much it costs for the promotion which Apple is giving it out for free of charge. It’s not that easy to give any game or app that is very much considered as best of games or applications in any manner. Discussion apart!

A riff on the endless runner games that proliferate the App Store, Time Surfer gamers race through space while avoiding obstacles just as you can expect if you are familiar with the genre at all. Where Time Surfer adds its own mechanic is in the ability to rewind time to fix your errors, something that can be a big benefit when things start to get a little hairy. To get rid of it and make it simpler, it’s like Tiny Wingsw but with time control, obstacles, power-ups and the end of the universe involved.

Mario-style? With its distincity 80s visual and audio style, Time Surfer is a iOS game that will appeal to those of that time period while also scratching the endless itch that fans of the genre have. To keep users and players out of boring, the time rewinding mechanic adds just enough variety to keep the game live.


Available on both the iPhone and iPad, Time Surfer may not fill hours upon hours of your time, afterall, but when it costs nothing, then there’s no way you really complain too much even if it just fills the time spent in line at the grocery store. However, the same thing can be said about the original dollar asking price, and if you miss out on this week’s promotion, we see no reason not to give this game a try anyway.

Time Surfer: Endless Arcade Magic runs on iOS 5.1.1 or later which can be downloaded from the App Store for free, now.

(Download: Time Surfer: Endless Arcade Magic for iOS on the App Store)

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