Gboard 6.9 Brings Smart Reply, New Keyboard & Making GIFs [APK Download]

Today at Google, we have found a new feature on the Google Keyboard, the Gboard for Android app. Smart Replies for notifications details a new keyboard & making GIFs altogether. Here’s everything we know so far about it after APK teardown.

Smart Replies in Gboard and more are included. Starting first with the Smart Replies, which may be cold and impersonal, but they’ve been handy if you’ve just wanted to acknowledge a work message or answer a simple question, without even having to fire up the app. Smart Reply is found in countless Google apps such as Allo, Gmail, and Inbox. These suggestions are purely based on your message history and are now coming to Gboard.

The 9to5Google crew has discovered code references suggesting that Gboard may soon get Smart Replies. When an app supports it (Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp are a few examples), you could eventually deliver a canned response to someone directly from a notification. Nevertheless, it could also save you precious time if you just want to launch a quick “be right there” while you’re racing to fire up the meeting.

<string name=”notice_notification_smart_reply”>Enable smart replies to notifications? Tap for info.</string>

<string name=”notificationsmartreply_done_description”>&lt;b>%s&lt;/b> will have improved suggestions when replying to the next notification.</string>

Otherwise, when replying to notifications from the shade, the keyboard app will show phrase-length suggestions in the row above the keyboard, rather than just single word suggestions. The code also provides further hints of an option to create your own GIFs by simply recording them. Also, a “Universal Media Keyboard” may help you search for all kinds of content, though it’s not clear whether this is limited to cosmetic features like emoji and stickers it will include web material like news.

<string name=”notificationsmartreply_application_filter”>;;; com.facebook.mlite; com.whatsapp;; com.facebook.orca;;</string>

To activate, users will need to give Gboard “Notification access” in system settings.

<string name=”notificationsmartreply_set_permissions_description”>Select &lt;b>%s&lt;/b> in your Notification access settings to get improved suggestions when replying to notifications.</string>

As aforementioned, Smart Replies might work with Hangouts, Android Messages, Google Allow, FB Messenger Lite, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. There’s no guarantee that this feature will arrive in one shot (near-term updates) to Gboard, and there’s always a chance they’ll get cut. With that said, it’s hard to see Google ditching Smart Replies given how they’ve already pervaded multiple apps.

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