New Apple Watch Band Adds 8MP, 2MP Cameras To The Wearable

No way you can understand why the Apple Watch doesn’t include a camera on the hardware, but today we got to notice of the new Glide CMRA band.

To bring yet another Apple Watch band into the market, Glide has introduced an innovative band which is embedded with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, as well as an 8-megapixel outward-facing sensor. One of the most impressive proposition here about Glide offering is that it manages to introduce two cameras into the fold without having additional weight and size added to the band itself.

The first camera for Apple Watch
In addition, this Apple Watch band looks very similar to other silicon bands, save for the fact that it has two visible camera apertures alongside a button built into the accessory to activate those cameras.

The integrated button does an excellent job of snapping an image when required, and is also equipped with a double-tap function that allows the user to switch perfectly between the two cameras. On a system level the band also integrated with the iOS Photos app, meaning that captured images are instantly stored and available to view withot having to jump through any additional circumstances.

Another and more interesting feature the band brings with it is the ability to record video and actually invoke conference-style video calls that shows the true power of CMRA. When used with Glide’s video chat iPhone app, the new CMRA band has the whole to let users talk in real-time whilst on the move, or even send photos or video messages back and forth.

You can pre-order the band right now for an early-bird price of $149.00. The band will ship with a custom dual-charging dock that works to charge both the Apple Watch battery and integrated CMRA band battery cell at the same time.

Due to ship in Spring 2017, but the company is looking to accept orders for the accessory months ahead of launch in order to not only get some pre-orders on the books, but to also see if there is a strong consumer base or demand for what Glide is trying to achieve with the CMRA hardware.

Here’s a video showing how the band works in action. Interesting?

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