Gmail App For Android Lets You Send And Receive Money Online

PayPal has been in the past enabled the system of money transferring, debiting and crediting solution, though. Sending and receiving money on mobile devices is far from a difficult task to achieve these days, but that is not stopping Google from trying to muscle in on their turf.


Gmail users have been able to send money from within the desktop website using Google Wallet for some time now, has today announced that they can easily also do so the same thing from within the Gmail app on Android devices. Result in front! Gmail Is Getting Native Support For Third-Party Add-Ons This Year

You can now send and receive money within Gmail app for Android installed on your device and enable it to work. What’s unfortunate is that with those iPhones are out of luck as of right situation. Nevertheless, Google may be bringing the feature to iOS Gmail app at some point pretty soon, but until now there has been no word on whether that is happening.

Now that Android device owners can send money at will though, so score one for owning your own ecosystem. Sending money though your Google mail client is about as simple as you could hope it would be. In much the same way as users attach images and files to emails, they now have another additional button that sends money instead.

Note: Importantly, recipients do not need to also be using Gmail in order to receive the amount, and they can have that money deposited straight into their own bank account once it has been received. Also read: Receive Email Attachments Up To 50MB In Gmail

There’s another more good news is that both sending and receiving money via Gmail is absolutely free on both sides of the transaction, given the particular avenue of moving money a big advantage over the competition. Paytm, Wallet, BHIM, and other competitors here comes the Gmail app’s money sending and receiving solution directly on your Android device. The bad news, though, is that this is only available to users of the Gmail app within the United States. Also read: Go Cashless With Unified Payments Interface Apps For Android And iOS


Hoping this is one limitation that is short standing, but given how complicated money matters are internationally, we would think about.

The process itself seems quite simple, as t is every similar to attaching files and opening attached files within Gmail.

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