Gmail App For iPhone, Google Calendar Also Get A Whole Lot Better On iOS

It took four years for Google to release an all-new Gmail app for iOS running iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. With major overhaul to Gmail brings the prime addition to that iOS app, it’s the ‘Undo Send’ feature along with certain other improvements on the go. As well as making changes to the Google Calendar apps on iOS. Here are the full details to note down.


Gmail app for iOS

When you get the next Gmail iOS app update, you’ll definitely notice some existing changes, as per Google. The biggest and major overhaul of the app would be the new look, sleeker transitions and some highly-anticipated features. Moreover, now it’s a lot faster too.

With the new Gmail app for iOS, getting things done becomes a lot easier – whether you’re trying to find a message your friend sent you last month, or even trying to get through your work inbox on a Sunday morning.

It seems Google never neglected Gmail app for iOS. Admit that Google deserve more attention on that and the company ensures that it took four years to bring an optimized email app for the rival platform; and the major changes primarily is – undo send. Gmail, the email ecosystem by Google is the most widely used, free mail services across the globe and has given that fact of its popularity, stock features top the list of consumers.

You can update to the latest version 5.0.3 og Gmail app for iOS. Bringing in the most demanded feature additions to recall emails sent erroneously. The Undo Send inclusion, is just like the web version of Gmail app. Allowing one to prevent sending if anything went wrong. Updated with faster search and instant results and of course, spelling suggestions. For instance, if you type “flighht,” but you really meant “flight”, it immediately prompt you the right word to help you prevent mistakes.

Another new feature by Google added is the much-convenient ‘swipe to archive or delete’ option to help users quickly clean up their inboxes. Swipe to delete option is also there in the Mail app for iOS. Users can sync their Gmail accounts to the iOS Mail app, features such as ‘undo send’ are exclusive to the standalone Gmail application only.

Google Calendar Update

Released version of Google Calendar is based on feedback. The Calendar ap on iOS has some shiny, new features. Like, the app now comes with a viewing mode for month and week. You can eventually view your weekly schedule in an easy landscape view mode. To help check how your month looks like in entirely, there’s a new Destinations on Google, also a portrait mode.
App now comes with Spotlight Search support. Designed specifically for iPhone and iPad tablets. The feature lets you search for event, reminders and goals easily using Apple’s Spotlight Search. Making it more mobile friendly, the Google Calendar for iOS updated with an alternate calendars. If you want to look dates accordingly to Islamic or Hindu, the calendar app lets you add those other than the default non-Gregorian calendar to help you easily see those dates alongside.

Download Gmail app for iOS, Google Calendar free-of-charge from App Store.

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