Gmail: Google’s Inbox Service Has Now Acquired 1 Billion Monthly Active Users Base

Today we have witnessed something like WhatsApp hits one billion active users chart and also now discovered that Google’s mail service has reached another billion-user service. Gmail, the company’s longlasting email service has added 1 billion monthly users, according to Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai on a call announcing the search giant’s Q4 2015 earnings.

Gmail initially hit 900 million sometime before last May, and this is seventh billion-user service for Google, alos includes Search, Android, Chrome, Google Play, Maps, and of course YouTube. Pichai also adds to the smart replies, Gmail’s automatically generated suggested responses featured – account for 10% of replies through its mobile app.

No kidding here, please note it down the next time someone quickly and curtly suggess pizza over hamburgers for supper, there’s a 1-in-10 cahnces your friend let a robot write that. Why? Because 10 percent of Inbox replies were automatic.

Clearly, Facebook is a more common bond that transcends your choice of email providers, than going the Google’s Gmail way and from Google Inbox users replies are automatically done. Next time your Inbox-toting friend responded to your thoughtful, carefuly-written email with a quick AI-generated message. It does suggest that Autoreply is more than a mere novelty. Admit it!

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