Gmailify: Google Brings Best Gmail Inbox Features To Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail Accounts

In other words Google’s Email service is far been known for its organization, spam protection and more and today it is begenning to offer those features to users without a Gmail account. Introduced Gmailify, now with those outside addresses will function a lot more like their native gmail account and allowing its users to link their Gmail account with their Yahoo! and Outlook accounts so that all of their personal info of the emails could be accessed from a single screen.


With Gmailify, non-Gmail accounts can be protected by Google’s spam filters, organized like the native inbox and even get Google Now cards. Basically, Google has made it so secure that these accounts look and act more like Gmail – aside from the domaon name when accessed through the Android app. For that, users have got the choice to manually enable the new feature by linking their outside account to Gmail.

Gmailify lets you sign into the Gmail app using your Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook accounts and use it as if it were a Gmail account. Features includes account management, folders, spam protection and all of the other best Gmail features. In addition, you’ll also have Google Now capabilities with the other accounts, meaning flight info, purchases and more will create cards just the same way how a Gmail account does.

Gmailify links your existing account to Gmail so that you get all the bells and whistles—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail—without having to leave your current address behind.”

To get started with Gmailify. Open the Gmail app on Android, sign into your other accounts and simply enable Gmailify, You can always unlink them at any time. To start, it will only work with YAHOO!, Hotmail and accounts, and it seems like Google plans to add more email providers in the future.

(Source: Gmail Blog)

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