Google Made AI-Powered Emoji Scavenger Hunt That Shows The Power Of Machine Learning

Google has again made a fun with the whimsy, this time thanks to a new emoji scavenger hunt that it has made available. If you have your phone close at hand, open the URL: and see how far you can get.

A new AI experiment created by Google that shows how the company’s machine learning tools can be used to make fun little games. Just head on over to that particular corner of the internet right now on your smartphone, you’ll be able to take part in what is essentially a tech demo to witness just how Google’s machine learning tools can be used by developers to make what on the face of it is a fun game that will literally help pass a few minutes.

The newly launched AI-based emoji scavenger hunt browser game is here, and how you can play it is detailed. In this case, you have to use your phone’s camera to find objects that match the emoji within a time limit. Each one you find increases your time. Although the object recognition feature can be a bit hit-or-miss. It refuses to recognize my plug for example, though, you can take advantage of its lack of precision later to have a dish towel stand in for a scarf.

The game itself is about as simple as these things come. Using your smartphone’s camera, you can be tasked with finding as many emojis in the real world as you can, with constantly decreasing time limit making things interesting. Experiments like this are a good example of how AI features like object recognition are finding their way into more and more parts of everyday life.

It’s all quite impressive really – point the camera at your shoe and the app will recognize it as the shoe emoji. Point it at anything that has a corresponding emoji and bang, you just found another one. The fact that it works at all still blows our minds. It’s often easy to forget just how amazing technology has become these days, but there you go!

Locate the emoji we show you in the real world with your phone’s camera. A neural network will try to guess what it’s seeing.

If you are ready to spare five minutes then be sure to check the game out, and also remember that this is just an example of the kind of thing AI is capable of, you know, beyond taking over the world and making us slaves to robots. It’s also a good reminder that this coming week is Google’s I/O developer conference, where the maker will surely have some AI news to share. There’s rumored to be an update planned for its AI camera app, Google Lens.

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