Duo: Google’s Simple Video Calling App Gets Audio-Only Calls, Updates Allo And Photos Too

The story begins with this, as Google announced app updates to Allo, Duo, and Photos, while also making audio-only calls to Duo at last. Seven months since its launch, Google’s Duo video calling app is finally adding support for voice-only calls now. The feature is rolling out first in Brazil, where Google made an announcement of the update, hinting at it’ll become available elsewhere in the world in the coming future.


Although, Google’s simple video calling app was originally released to put a break to WhatsApp trend, which has been used by billions these days, as being the most of many’s essential messaging and calls these days, and there’s no other alternative to invite contacts to try another app, when compared to WhatsApp Video or Voice messenger.

At São Paulo, Brazil, Google has today made an array of updates available to a bunch of its preinstalled applications, the search giant has added new features to Duo, Allo and the Photo apps. The updated version of Duo gets audio calling capabilities at the first off, secondly, you can make basic audio calls on Duo when you are on a poor network connection. Next to speak about would be all things of Google Allo, which is now able to share documents, files and other important formats such as (.pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and mp3) on the go.

In addition, Allo has also been receiving a new Smart Smiley inclusion in Portuguese for users in Brazil. At its time of launch, this feature on Allo only supported English language and Google has promised it will bring in more languages on board. Unlike the rollout of Duo calling feature, the update to Allo is available today worldwide. For those with extensive document-sharing needs, Google’s mobile messaging app Allo now allows Android users to share a variety of files.

Google Photos also received two new features to simply make photo backup and sharing pretty easier when using the app in locations with poor network coverage. In terms the features which Google thrown out are as ideal solutions for users especially in Brazil who live in low connectivity areas. Video calling app Duo gained an audio-only calling feature that users can switch to when an internet connection is poor. While Photos now backs up images in a lightweight preview quality that Google says “still looks great on a smartphone” and can be easily shared over poor connections. When a good Wi-Fi connection does become available, the backed up photos are automatically replaced with high quality versions.

“We’re also making it easier to share many photos at once even on low connectivity. Never mind if you’re at the beach or hiking in the mountains, with Google Photos you can now share pictures quickly even with a spotty connection by sending first in low resolution so friends and family can view them right away. They’ll later update in higher resolution when connectivity permits.”

Furthermore, you can now be able to share pictures faster even with a low network connectivity by sending first in low and they will be updated later on to high resolution in case of good connection reach near. Today’s announcements of Updates to audio calls, file sharing, and sending photos on low connectivity came alongside the news that Google Maps will soon allow users to share their real-time location with friends and family for up to three days.

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