Android P Might Have iPhone X-Like Gesture Bar Ripoff [Leaked Screenshot]

It seems like Google is testing a new navigation bar for Android P but also spotted that it looks similar to iPhone X Gesture Bar ripoff. In full clarity, the idea of Android phone makers borrowing heavily from Apple and the iPhone is nothing new at all, and it comes in many shapes and sizes whether it is the iPhone X’s notch appearing in new releases (copycats) or software adaptions that resembles what iOS is doing.

The bar for Android P in testing also looks similar to Apple’s new gesture and UI on the iPhone X. Google accidentally revealed the new navigation bar in an Android Developers Blog post, just after it appearing on the internet web, the company removed a screenshot it posted of it in action.

What’s that is shown is the fact given us a sneak peek at iPhone X-like navigation gestures coming in Android P. The post detailing the new DNS-over-TLS feature that is available as part of the first Android P Developer Preview. But things took an unexpected turn when a clear picture was used in the post that appears to have been taken on a device that is running a new, possibly second Android P Developer preview.

Android P might have cloned the iPhone X’s gesture controls, and not before Ars Technica screenshot it and mocked up a comparison between current Android navigation, new Android navigation bar, and the iPhone X’s gesture bar. That screenshot reveals everything from a new navigation bar, complete with the removal of the standard round “Home” button. Instead, a pill-shaped gesture bar appears to have taken its place just like, you admit, the gesture bar on the iPhone X that allowed iOS to ditch the Home button and all of the functions it performs.

However, the new navigation bar no longer include a multitasking button, and the center Home button looks far smaller and pill-like gesture bar, that looks similar to the one found on a leaked Moto X5 image, still works as a button, or is simply an identifier to swipe up for Home like the iPhone X. Google appears to still be including its back button control too, although the reports say that this only appears in the context when a back button is required.

In fact, Google has not commented on the leaked screenshot, but perhaps tellingly, that screenshot has now been removed from the post in question. The folks over at XDA-Developers have been digging through the build of Android P that is currently available and cannot find any reference to what may be a new navigation style, but it could just mean that Google has done a good job of hiding it thus far.

Google is testing this navigation bar right now, and the search giant has previously tested other navigation bar changes in past Android versions without ever shipping them. Still, the company is fully supporting screen notches like the iPhone X or Essential Phone with its Android P update, a new gesture-powered navigation bar would certainly make it easier for Android developers to make better use of bezel-less displays.

It is expected to hear a lot more about Android P and its new navigation bar or iPhone X-like gesture bar ripoff at official Google I/O developer conference next month. Stay tuned for more unique updates!

                                                 Old vs (possibly) new Android navbar

(Via: XDA-Developers)

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