Google Announces New Android Wear Update, Brings Wi-Fi Support And New Featured Apps

Google has just announced a huge new update for all the seven Android Wear devices. The update is one of the ambitious one we have seen in a long while coming out for Android Wear powered smartphones. WiFi support has now been made official. Features such as hands-free gestures, emoji drawing and more are headed right to your wrist-wearable. Details on the new Android Wewar update can be grabbed after this fold.


Here are the 3 coolest features that the new update for the Android Wear devices brought with it. The most important one would be the support for Wi-Fi, that will give you one more connectivity option with your wearable. Google pushed out an update, with the Apple Watch already reported to have sold more units than all Android Wear devices combined. But nevertheless, this latest update announcement has come in before Apple’s offering starts landing in consumers’ hands.

Apps now get the ability to be always-on and keep your wrist watch’s display all the time ‘On’. Previously, such functionality was limited to the screen that shows you what time it is. Google has also rolled out new hands-free feature, that is built around the ability to allow users to run through notifications and Google Now cards with simple wrist-flicking gestures. Flick your wrist and you’re good to go.

The new WiFi support is indeed a welcomed one, but was long overdue. And so like on Apple Watch, no longer will Android Wear devices be standard Internet-less without being connected to an Android phone or tablet. Contacts and apps are just a touch away from the watch face – you will only need to tap the screen and you’ll be able to start apps and send messages at once, and this is what the inbuilt gesture support on Android Wear update brought.

Although Apple has its Digital Touch, Google seems to have followed up with something that isn’t exactly same – but since it unveiled it late, similarities will always be drawn. This new functionality give users the ability to draw an emoji right on Android Wear smartwatch and the device will recognize your doodle you wish to send. Digital Touch is such features that lets users draw anything they want – a mightly edge over Android Wear in the department.

Speaking about how some Android Wear devices include an always-on screen for checking the time, as aforementioned, Google says in its official blog post that they’re “expanding this option to apps, so they can stay visible as long as you need them, instead of disappearing when you drop your arm. In either case the screen is only full color when you’re actively looking at it – so you get the info you need, and you save on battery life.” With this inclusion, an app once running will fade to black or white shades once you drop your wrist down, but will remain visible as long as you’re actively looking at it.

Point to be noted, that the Wi-Fi supporting feature with watches that have the necessary hardware will work with your smartphone even when the two aren’t paired via Bluetooth. Your watch only needs to be connected to a WiFi network with Internet access, and your handset needs to have an active data connection – so that all the notifications will keep showing up on your wrist.

The update will be rolled out in the coming weeks or so for LG Watch Urbane at first, and will be followed by updates for all the 7 Android Wear devices soon as possible.

(Source: Google)

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