Google Announces YouTube TV Live, $35/Month For 40+ Streaming Networks

Finally, Google has unveiled their live streaming TV product today at a media event dubbed YouTube TV. Here are the details on its pricing, content, and expected availability.

YouTube and Google together made a play to be the future competitor for online video streaming by debuting a new service which will see television content become available alongside YouTube’s existing ever-growing library of video content.

In addition, this Google’s decision in bringing YouTube TV streaming to the worldwide web live make sense. This is Google’s rival to the likes of Sling TV and DIRECT NOW, offering an over-the-top streaming service that is streaming the traditional TV networks. YouTube hopes that by offering the streaming of TV content via its website, it will be able to capture the market which never had a cable subscription, which actually they grew up as part of the generation that is now “cutting the cord.” The service will be unimaginatively named YouTube TV.

However, it’s not an all-new Android TV, rather a streaming TV service which users will be able to be charged for the streaming content viewed via YouTube TV. Priced at $35 per month and can be cancelled any time, YouTube’s new subscription service will offer content from all the four content providers in the United States – ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

Subscribers of YouTube TV online will also be able to access around 30 of the biggest channels available on TV, and will give subscribers access to six accounts, ensuring that each member of the family can access content via their own YouTube account rather than having to share a single sign-on.


As is the case with many streaming services, YouTube TV is missing some rather popular channels. It’s missing Viacom – responsible for many of the top channels like Comedy Central and MTV. Tuner Broadcasting is also missing here, meaning that no CNN, TNT, and few others not there to stream. AMC Networks, A+E Networks and Discovery Communications are also missing.

About the YouTube TV account permissions, will allow for usage tracking and presumably the same content surfing algorithms which allow YouTube to predict what content a user will like and surface it accordingly. With six accounts, YouTube will only allow three streams to be access concurrently.

Cloud-based DVR will also be part of YouTube TV live streaming service and it will definitely never run out of storage space, which means it will have an unlimited storage space in the cloud online.


Now it’s not clear that YouTube TV is surely not a complete package. As it is missing the good ones, especially the more popular networks. As YouTube TV’s offering up six accounts is a big deal. Compared to DIRECT NOW and Sling TV which offer only two concurrent streams, you’ll get personalized recommendations on what they actually want to watch. PlayStation Vue by contrast, offers up to five, but none of these offer different profiles under the same billing account.

YouTube TV’s cloud-DVR support is something that Sling TV and DIRECT NOW both launched without – and you’ll be able to record live TV Shows without ever running out of storage. YouTube TV will keep these shows in your DVR for up to 9 months, and also be available for virtually any screen, with it being on Android, iOS as well as on the TV via Android TV and Chromecast

Unfortunately, as is the case with all streaming services of this ink, not all content is going to be available for subscribers to YouTube TV. HBO is a no-go at the time right now. That means subscribers to YouTube TV will not be able to access the same as aforementioned channels.

YouTube already noted this in their press release that if you sign up for YouTube TV, you will get YouTube Red included. YouTube TV is coming soon, users can sign up to be notified when the switch is flipped at:


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