Download: Google Assistant App For iPhone Does What Siri Can’t Do

The rumors are true now, Google Assistant app has been released for iPhone to take on Apple’s Siri. Announced at Google I/O developer conference that its personal assistant is coming to iOS. Here’s everything we and how it works.

Watch Apple, who may insist on having total control over the iOS ecosystem, including ensuring that certain stock apps and experiences always remain the default, but now, it seems that Google looking forward to try and challenge that in part. As expected, has made Google Assistant available to download directly on iPhone via iTunes App Store.

Now that Google Assistant is heading to iPhone as a downloadable app from the iOS App Store itself, which offers search and voice services by means. Rather than integrate Assistant into any of the existing Google experiences on iPhone, like the Google app, the company instead opting to push Google Assistant to the App Store as its own standalone experience.

Although the company will roll out Assistant as a separate iOS app from Google search to specifically target tasks tied to your personal preferences. Also see Assistant as the future of getting things done via voice commands, but it is definitely going to have limitations on Apple’s iOS-powered devices clearly down to platform limitations and restrictions, meaning that it can’t fully tense its muscles like it can on its own Android-based devices.

With that said, however, Google’s Assistant app won’t be able to operate exactly like it does on Android devices till now. Reason behind that according to Google, there are API restrictions. So Google Assistant on iOS will only be able to do general stuff send iMessages and play a song on your Spotify app, but again, set alarms etc. And yes, since you can’t remap the Home button from Siri to Google Assistant, after all. You can instead add a widget which looks like a big ol’ icon.

As for instance/example, Apple doesn’t actually allow developers or any third-parties to replace the stock Siri experience with their own kind of service. Which reportedly suggests that users won’t be able to invoke Google Assistant experience over Siri anymore. Those users will need to have complete access to Google Assistant via only a widget or simply invoke the app likje normal to be able to interact with it.

Restrictions on what developers can literally do within iOS also mean that Google Assistant will be limited to tasks such as sending Messages through the stock app, or invoking songs through the most popular Spotify media player service.

To say more about, Assistant should be a over advanced experience which will definitely eclipse what has previously been offered through the Google Search voice platform. The platform that is already aware of what’s been asked and is capable of accepting follow-on questions to allow the user to gain additional information about a solution.

How it works, for example: If a person using Assistant who could theoretically ask “what was the first Star War movie called”, with a follow-on question of “what year was it released” after the answer has been provided.

Analysts and industry enthusiasts have speculated that the next two years will see a huge leap forward in artificial intelligence in voice assistants, and this, be the beginning of that.

Google Assistant for iPhone will be available to download today itself from App Store for free.

Update: You can now download Google Assistant for iPhone for free right from here. Share your experiences and feedback.

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