Google Assistant Is Personally Gaining A Send Money Feature

Google is doing everything they can make payments easier than ever. There’s Google Wallet, Android Pay, the open Payment Request API to buy things online using Google account. Now, the brand new “Google Payment API,” to name just a few of its approaches. As per the reports, this latest system will allow you to buy things – both inside apps and on websites – using your account. Google Assistant seems to be gaining a send money feature in the near future. Here are the details.

You will be soon be able to send money with Google Assistant in question is fairly clear. Most people have a credit card stored with Google for some personal reason or another, like for Google Play Store purchases, or a YouTube Red subscription. The new API will allow third party developers to charge you through your Google account, with that Google handling the security and processing.

Obviously it sound a bit familiar, because Google actually had a product that it killed off back in 2013 called Google Checkout that was very similar. Nowadays developers can use PayPal Express Checkout to accomplish something like this.

In this case study, Google recently debuted the new function aty a session during their annual I/O 2017 event, just like other function that Google Assistant is capable of completing for you sending money is a rather simple task.

On the same manner Google is also using this setup in Google Assistant to facilitate transactions, instead of Android Pay. You can say something like “Send $70 to Deepak.” and Google Assistant will confirm before it fires off the money, of course using your fingerprint if you’re on Android. Merchants can also get paid through personal Assistant this way – in Google’s demo at I/O ordered delivery from Panera using the Assistant.

To witness that, you can have a closer look in action which is around the 14-menute mark, though, it does show them asking Google Assistant to send “$10” to another user, presumably if you were to ask Assistant to just “send money” to those it would ask you how much you really want to send. It will later ask you to confirm he method of payment, which card you may want to pay from with if you have multiple cards tied to your account. Once it’s confirmed then the payment will be sent easily.

We have until now got something about that topic, but what we do not know is that whether or not there is a limit Google Assistant is restricted to which will allow you to send. Or when it will actually be available to those with compatible devices that have Google Assistant backed in. It’s likely that it may be limited to your Google account cards at launch, which the company is looking to add more peer-to-peer providers for payments through Google Assistant in the near future you’ll be able to select other payment options, albeit without mentioning which those methods are at this time.

Finally, the new API isn’t publicly available as yet, but nevertheless, Google is already testing it with a few partners. Payments in Assistant will be US-only when it launches in the “upcoming months”.

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