Google Brings Its Featured Photos Screensaver To Mac With Multi-Monitor Support

Google has officially made available free Mac screensaver that showcases popular high-featured photos shared and liked by Google+ users. Actually, these are some of the gorgeous Photos screensavers – previously limited to Google Pixel, Chromecast and Google Fiber devices. Now, available on Mac systems.

Of course, Google has released its soothing Featured Photo screensaver to Mac to keep your screen warm with a rotating mix of popular shots. You can finally turn your Mac into a photography gallery featuring some of the most highly rated shots from Alphabet’s oft-overlooked social network. By means, the screensaver pulls in the highest-rated shots Google Plus users have chosen to make public, so you get a constantly-updating flow of often breathtakingly awesome photos.

Well, it’s not that important that Google’s Featured Photos screesaver on Mac would prefer the best, but there are several other ways to make your macOS Sierra screen very beautiful, by downloading and installing or sideloading screensavers from third-party sites. But these are coming from Google directly, so why would I prefer the jailbreak way.

Because Google’s Featured Photos screensaver app is available for free of cost, you’re pleased to be able to make these gorgeous photos by Google+ members even more accessible by bringing them to your computers and phones. “With our new Featured Photos screensaver for Mac, you can display stunning, high-resolution photography from our Google+ members whenever your computer is inactive,” Google product manager Neil Inala wrote in his blog post.


With the release of Featured Photos screensaver, Google keep your Mac occupied as well. You’ll get a different photo on every screen connected to your Mac, so your radically 5K monitor setup will be more like a posh gallery than a superb desktop work environment. The app only pulls from publicly shared, high-resolution photos that don’t feature people, expecting lot of tranquil nature and soothing landscape photos. Also Google includes the photographer’s username so that you can track them down to check out more of their hard work.

For Android, Google has placed earlier Wallpapers app that let you set your phone to shuffle through the same set of popular photos on the Home or Lock screen. Came pre-installed on the Pixel and Pixel XL devices, and recently rolled out to every Android phones to download the app directly from Google Play Store.

For Mac, Featured Photos screensaver are purely based on a set criteria, so there are no pictures featuring people, text, or watermarks. All photos features landscape oriented with a minimum fullHD 1080p resolution. Users with multiple screen set-ups see a different photo on each screen like architectural shots, abstract textures, and Google Earth satellite images.

It seems like Google found itself a better way to making the Live Photos a lot more useful than it ever was. Launched an iOS app called Motion Stills that transforms these Live Photos into motion GIFs. This same app from Google Research acts like a virtual camera operator for Apple’s Live Photos. Uses video stabilization technology to turn the shaky Live Photo into a smooth GIF, animation that can easily be shared on the internet web.

Also looks like Google really working hard to compete with the likes of Apple and its iOS, Mac OS ecosystem. Google Maps are one of the best mapping apps than Cupertino’s own Apple Maps. Google launched the Gboard app for iOS device allowing users to directly do Google web searches from the keyboard within any app. Google Photos provides automatic cloud backup of photos stored on your iPhone or iPad. Inbox and Gmail apps provide a better user interface if using Gmail as a stock email service. Now comes the YouTube app that is still the most preferred video streaming service and the screen saver app for Mac released today makes Apple think about it later.

To install it, just download the DMG file from Google and double-click the .saver file inside it. Screensaver is then added to your standard macOS screensavers.

Downloaded and Installed

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