Google Is Building A Daydream Version Of Chrome, Here Are The Details

Google announced the move to bring Chrome to its Daydream VR platform at its I/O developer conference. Also noted that they were developing Chrome for use in Augmented Reality as well, however, in not the same way as with Daydream. Here are the details.

Given the fact that Google is building a Daydream version of its popular Chrome browser to allow users of the VR platform the ability to surf the web in a whole new way. For AR purposes Chrome would simply provide users a better way to grab information they might need about things such as a product they may looking to purchase. According to Google instance, a user who might be shopping for a coffee table would be able to scan their home where the table would go so they can figure out how much space they will need and how big the table should they actually way to fit in the space they have.

The aforementioned is something that Google is developing inside of the regular version of Chrome on smartphone use, so it’s not a separate AR Chrome version after all, that will be meant for Augmented Reality devices only. Reportedly, it is still in the development stage but will be accessible in an experimental status via a Chromium build as of today.

As for the Daydream Chrome version of the browser, Google says it will be available at some point later this year, but unfortunately, didn’t mention an exact time frame on when it would be available for download onto Daydream compatible devices. Either, there’s no indication on as well. Those who are anticipated to get their hands on it will just have to be patient and keep their eyes open. With a Daydream version of Chrome on the way the platform is moving closer to being more competitive with other VR/AR offerings, somewhat with the likes of the Gear VR, which already has a browser available for users.

What do you say? Stay tuned for more! (via: TechCrunch)

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