Google Chrome Beats Internet Explorer To Now Become The Most Popular Web Browser

Google kicking the Microsoft butt’s then, as it’s Internet Explorer has long been the most used browser on the Internet. Then came the Google Chrome in 2008 to compete with the big software giant’s web browser race. In 2012, one usage tracker declared Chrome the new champion, but some other alternatives still had IE in the lead. Now, all agreement – Chrome browser is the King.


Using some of the best tricks that’ll make you a Google Chrome master., which we will share with you later after this article. This past march, Computerworld released a detailed report on which we can conclude that by May 2016, Chrome would be the undisputed champion, and Chrome hit the mark, NetMarketShare, the stat counter that Microsoft has long referenced as the most accurate source for measuring which browser reigns supreme, now says Chrome is the one winner now. It controls 41.66 percent of the market shares while Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s new Edge browser collectively and reportedly acquires 41.35 percent.

If this is the case here, then Google plans to introduce a new Chrome design, made to be even more touch-friendly and material designed.

Finally, today is the Chrome sitting on the top position and grabs the number one spot competing with the most popularly used Internet Explorer.

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