Google Docs Updated By Adding Voice Command Feature For Typing & Editing

Google says that they have launched Voice typing in Docs to help users capture ideas, compose a letter, or even write the next best novel, that too without touching a keyboard. How that works? Using the newly added Google Docs functionality of voice commands, you being accompained with typing, let you edit and format documents with your voice.

It’s something like voice typing feature, which was introduced by Google for its Docs app in September last year. The extensive list of commands includes just about everything you could possibly do to a document. With the likes including adjusting text, adding bulleted lists or tables and moving around large chuncks of text. And whatsoever!


There are a few limitations, such as the ability to add special characters. Functionality, it however works a lot similarly as Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking and other dictation software. You can by far do things like “delete last paragraph” or “insert table 10 rows by 3 columns.” While the feature is powered by the same natural language processing engine used by Google, that.

Now, you can also say things like “make bigger” to increase the font size in Google Docs using voice commands. There are thousands of combinations that could take some more time, but will be very useful tool for those who prefer a hands-free experience with their documentations.

To get started with, select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu when using Docs in Chrome followed by which will see a microphone icon alongside the document. Say what comes to mind, then start editing and formatting with docs like “copy,” “insert table,” and “highlight.” Google will let you highlight and replace a word, as well as start lists or change heading formats. Additionally, the feature gives user the ability to select specific text, apply different text formats and even add a text smiley face.

Check out the full list of commands:

New Google Docs Voice commands are only available for English language documents and the editing, formatting functionality only works when you’re using Docs in Chrome. For more details on this topic, please make sure to visit official Google Docs website from here and learn more.

(Source: Google Docs)

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