FaceTime Rival Google Duo Gains New Video Messages Feature

When compared, Google Duo, a cross-platform FaceTime-style video calling app from Google, has been updated with a new video messages feature that’s designed to allow users to leave video voicemails whenever someone doesn’t pick up a call.

Regarding a new Google Duo feature update, Google says that if a person you’re calling declines or misses your call, you can simply record up to 30 seconds of video (or voice) to send to the person. Video messages can also be played in the Duo app by tapping on the sender’s icon. And a quick call back can be done through the “Call now” button available after watching a video/voice message.

All video messages sent through Google Duo will disappear one day after they were watched but can be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll if so desired.

Sometimes, your mom isn’t free for a video call at the moment you’re trying to show off your culinary masterpiece. The same goes when you’re trying to catch your best friend to rave about your favorite basketball team’s recent win. But even if they miss your call, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about. Beginning today on Google Duo, you can leave a video message when the person you’re calling can’t pick up.

First announced in August of 2016, Google Duo works on both iOS and Android devices. It’s something like the FaceTime on iOS devices. Users sign up with a phone number and can then place calls to any contacts who also have the Duo app installed. Google Duo, like Google Hangouts, another Google video app with a more enterprise focus, has been fairly popular since it launched into the public domain and App Store.

The Google Duo is also the biggest competitor to WhatsApp, FaceBook, and other alternative apps. Duo is consistently within the top 20 free apps in the Social Networking section of the U.S. App Store library. With the new release, Google Duo is also sitting at the number 15 spot today.

Video messaging is available currently in the Google Duo apps for Android and iOS [Direct Download Link]

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