Google Home, Assistant Here: A Speaker To Finally Take On The Amazon Echo

The conference Google I/O began today with an address by CEO Sundar Pichai and the event will feature Google’s recent work with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other projects. Use the opening keynote to announce two new offerings. The Alphabet-owned company has introduced its own Siri/Cortana/Alexa-like personal digital assistant called Google Assistant, along with an Amazon Echo rival called Google Home. Launches later this year.

First taking the Google Assistant, CEO described the underlying technology within that as a “conversational assistant“, whereas Mario Queiroz – VP of product management at Google – claims that the Home will come equipped with “strong bass and clear lights” that should eclipse the performance of the Amazon Echo from a musical enjoyment perspective. It’s called Google Home, coming to your hands later this year for an unspecified price-tag.

You can sign up to be notified for updates at the Home website. The VP Mario is the one who is behind the project, launched the only truly successful living room product Google has ever unveiled: Chromcast.

In brief


Google Assistant

Google’s new Assistant offering is based on existing technology that the firm has developed over the last few ways. In a similar fashion to Google Now, Assistant can be used to find information, play media and carry out tasks – such as booking cinema tickets – via a back-and-forth chat between the user and the software. The technology itself will be voice-activated and it is conversational like Siri and Alexa, and will be offered across a wide array of devices including the newly announced Google Home.

Google Now brings you info you want, when you need it. But today’s announcement of Google Assistant is something different. On the user-interface level, Google has opted to package Assistant together into a chat bot-like interface that has similarities with what Facebook is trying to achieve with Facebook M. Google Assistant is a mega AL Bot that wants to be absolutely everywhere. After all, chat bots are the new buzz topic in 2016.

First, Microsoft, then Facebook. Now Google has announced its own attempt to make your life easier with the help of an automated messaging buddy. It can link into third-party services including Ticketmaster, Spotify, Uber and WhatsApp. But nevertheless, Alexa already works with many more, though. Google Assistant also plays a role in a new chat app called Allo, in which it can make suggestions based on what the user is talking about with their friends.

The Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has demonstrated the AI tool prposing a restaurant to visit when two users discussed wanting to eat Italian food. By providing a quick insight into why Google Assistant has come along at the perfect time, declaring that one in five of Google search quaries on Android in the United States comes in from a voice query. Step forward the AI-driven Google Assistant to help with those queries. Google is looking to debut the service later this year.

Although Allo’s other unusual feature is that it can provide replies on a user’s behalf. This includes commenting on pictures sent by friends, thanks to its use of image recognition algorithms. Well, the company said the suggestions should improve the more people use the app.


“We think of this assistant as an ambient experience that extends across devices,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. “It’ll be on their phones, the devices they wear, in their cars, and in their homes.”

Google Home

Instead, Google Home is going to work with a smaller set of hme automation devices, which could include at least some thermostats and lights. Goole has finally granted the wishes of those consumers who have been looking for a competitor to the gorgeous Alexa-powered Amazon Echo alternative. After introducing the existence of the Google Home, the company has also announced that it will be released this calendar year later on for an unrevealed budget.

From a product perspective, Google Home is a voice-assistant product for the connected home that allows owners to get instant answers to Google searches, automate the streaming experience of music and other home automated devices, and even manage everyday tasks with minimal fuss. Officially, it is powered by Google Assistant. It’s a kind of super database that understands thousands of “entities” and their relation to one another.


Design wise, Google Home originally looks pretty quirky and appealing. The little cylinder-shaped comes with an attractive agnled top with a slight bulbous bottom that houses the internal speaker. Users will be able to customize and tailor the Home to their own tastes by replacing the base shell. There’s a built-in LEDs embedded into the angled top to alert users to certain conditions, and let then know that the thing is functioning.

Users of Google Home will be required to keep the device permanently plugged in, meaning that it isn’t exactly mobile, but does allow for a powerful speaker for all those music needs. Interested parties can take a turn to sign up for more information and notifications on the Google Home directly at the new page.


Thinking, there’s no escaping that the way you use your smart devices is about to change? Yes is my answer!

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