Google Introduces Android Sensor Hub To Monitor Your iOS And Nexus Movements

It’s like Find my iPhone on iOS, Google has today at its Nexus keynote in San Fransisco announced Android Sensor Hub for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P built-in. It’s another jump to enter into the competition which the Mountain View company is stepping towards. In other words the new feature acts like a secondary processor, specifically designed to keep track of the device footsteps.

Google's Android Sensor Hub knows how your Nexus is moving
The major proportion of this Android Sensor Hub is to start monitoring the users patch and activities without requiring any prompts made by the user and will eventually works even the device is awake or sleeping.

The chip also provides notifications for the user. With the Sensor Hub, the phone knows when it’s been picked up and will automatically display notifications in a low-power white-on-black text until the screen has been properly activated, hence saving the battery life when processed. Interestingly, it seams like it works in a similar fashion on how Motorola has done with their new smartphone, but they used IR sensors on the front of the devices, whereas the Android Sensor HUB make use of things better.

Connectivity with the Android Sensor Hub is directly plugged to the camera sensors to consume energy, later provide the required data to apps and the system connected to different purposes. Impressively, it will also be able to recognise gestures while using the phone. This chip allows the phone to run advanced activity-recognition algorithms that, say, notice when you start a run or hop on your bike.

Most important point is that. What do you think about Android Sensor Hub?

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