Google Makes Cellular Support For Android Wear Watches Official

Google finally did it in action and those involved in Android wearable devices world are shocked on hearing what’s announced. Google’s Android Wear will now officially gaining cellular support and that’s final. Secret was no more hidden and the best part of in consumer technology history has been unlocked. Made it via the company’s official blog. More details can be found right after this fold.

First to make it was LG electronics who announced that the first Android Wear smartwatch to sport LTE, later the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition introduced, will begin shipping this month. Following the trend, Google has officially made an announcement of Android Wear cellular support, pointing out in its blog post on the subject.

Existing Android Wear devices already allow the wearable to stay connected even when the phone isn’t in the vicinity. This type of connectivity is achieved with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, but still requires the device to be in connected range of the smart-phone. Allows for telephone calls (notifications only) and messages and the ability to respond to be received on the wearable with very defined limitations. No worry now, with the addition of cullular supprt, new Android Wear devices will be automatically stay connected and receive those similar alerts in a lot more places.

What about SIM? As long as your watch and phone are connected to a cellular network, further will be able to use your watch to send and receive messages, track fitness, get answers from Google, and even run your favorite apps. To be more clear, if the watch is out of range of the device, it will fall back onto a cellular connection as long as the phone in question is also connected to a cellular network. What’s next?

Google makes Android Wear cellular support official
The outlined addition of the new functionality of cellular support on Android Wear will allow users to continue to do the same workouts as usual and the fact that users will also be able to place telephone calls over that cellular network, too. Without the phone being present and Bluetoth / WiFi connections are far beyond. You’ll even be able to make and take calls right from your watch, for when your hands are full, or your phone is elsewhere.

The first watch to officially support the new Android Wear cellular feature will be the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. Reminding the only disappointing thing about all this is that all existing Android Wear watches will not be able to make use of this new feature addition. For that you’ll definitely need an all-new Android Wear smartwatch or at least have hands-on with the upcoming LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE to make use of this upcoming new feature.

Nevertheless, Google however signal the start of more Android Wear smartwatches with built-in cellular support appearing on the market soon. Stay tuned!

(Source: Google)

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