Google Maps Gets New Design On Android With Quick Access To Commute Data And More

Google Maps for Android is getting even better than a bit of a face-lift today, received the addition of a new information panel at the bottom of the home screen. Updated version of the Android app brings the redesigned interface that makes it smarter and better. Users get easy access to nearby food, commute times, and driving directions to home traffic info. Here are the details you need to know about.


The new revamped Google Maps on Android adds three more tabs – Places, Driving and Transit at the bottom of the screen layout. You can simply swipe up from the bottom of the window to open the pane, which as said has thee tabs: one for nearby places, like food courts and ATMs; open for real-time commute information, including current traffic estimates; and one for public transportation, featuring the estimated time of arrival for upcoming trains and buses.

Description and detailing of:

The Google Maps Places tab: It shows almost every nearby restaurants, Anytime money centers, pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, etc around.

The Google Maps Driving tab: On the other hand, it will offer quick-time ETAs to home and work provided you have added home and work places. Additionally, it also show a nearby traffic conditions reportedly and delays expected on the road ahead.

Google Map’s Transit tab: It will provide you better info on transport vehicles such as buses and trains to catch for home and work. The same tab also gives you an estimate (ETA) for when you will be arriving to work and home.

All of these can be accessed through a swipe down with your finger to find nearby transt stations along with real-time schedules.

Overall it seems to be a minor update, but nevertheless useful upgrade that makes looking up commute estimates or subway times a little more accessible than they had earlier, something that could be helpful for the next time you’re running late to work.

There’s still no word has been given on the fact that whether the new information window will be coming to other platforms including iOS, bu the update should be rolling out to Google Maps users on Android starting now, today. Also Read: Google Maps For iOS Gets Real-Time Notifications On Busy Locations.

Update x1: Officially, Google Maps for Android last month received a new update that brought parking difficulty icon which will give you a heads up about the parking situation on a place you are planning to visit: to learn more.

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