Google Maps For iOS Gets Real-Time Notifications On Busy Locations

Google has updated its Google Maps iOS app with the latest live “Popular Times” integration, a tool that lets users see how busy and crowded in particular location in real-time, along with it, Maps for iOS gets automatic recognition of addresses in clipboard.


Version 4.27.0 of Google Maps for iOS marks the introduction of live data results, though. Popular Times has been available through Google’s web search and maps clients since 2015 and subsequently iOS app. It launched two years ago, Google Maps with Popular Times feature give iOS users a rough idea on how busy a specific place is, such as when you near a mall, restaurant or a park for example.

The same Google Maps’ feature works by crowd-sourcing anonymized location data from other users and also uses searches to analyze mobile positioning data to give users a glimpse at a particular location’s average foot traffic throughout the day. Armed with the information, visitors were able to plan trips accordingly, like avoiding historically busy crowded times at a specific location.

The Popular Times is the same feature offered to Web and was introduced on Android maps last year. With that said, the update can also quickly access addresses in iOS’s clipboard while searching. You can even fill in the search bar with an address copied from an email or other app. For example, when conducting a search in Google Maps users are presented an option to automatically fill in the search bar with an address copied from Contacts or another application.

While Popular Times for the web was actually been updated with a “Live” feature that rolls real-time smartphone location data into its crowd estimate algorithm, allowing more accurate and timely results. As per Google’s blog post, the addition of real-time data helps the tool account for special events, holiday traffic and other unforeseen situations.

However, with live results, Popular Times in iOS lets users know the average time people spend at a given location. The latest Google Maps update for your iOS device can be downloaded and installed from the link provided below.

(Download: Google Maps v4.27 from iOS App Store for free)

Update X1: For Android, Google Maps in the US have officially started receiving parking difficulty icon that will help users heads up about the parking location where they are planning to visit. This features was actually rolled out for few this month.

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