Google Maps For iOS Now Adds Spoken Traffic Alerts

If you’re not in then get downloaded of Google Maps for iOS right away, which is now updated with spoken traffic alerts, means your Google’s iOS Maps app can now speak out traffic warnings while you on a long drive. For iPhone owners, this Maps update brings a little bit more secured features, helpful in those moments when you’re determined to avoid gridlock.


Now that it’s up to you, and as on Android, Google Maps iOS app also speaks out traffic warnings in navigation mode. Given that of a verbal summary of conditions before you get started, moving, and even alerts for any congestion or crashes while you’re on your way. How much this simple addition useful? Bet that, it could be a lot if it helps you take a bypass.

What’s New

• Easily add new and missing businesses from the sidebar
• Spoken traffic alerts in Navigation tell you about congestion and incidents on your route and traffic descriptions give you a summary of traffic before you drive
• Bug fixes

Version 4.12.0 of Google Maps for iOS can be downloaded from here. Experience the real-time traffic alerts in voice.

Google Maps (Free) | iTunes App Store

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