Google Pixel 2 Concept Suggests Dual Pixel Camera On Front & Back, More Key Features

It’s very common to see a variety of concept design for iPhone flood YouTube at this time, as they try to imagine Apple’s next smartphone, the iPhone 8, the only hot on the wheels at this time of year, which is set to be launching later in 2017. But there are also creative minds who already conceived renders for the Galaxy Note 8 and of course the OnePlus 5 that kind of interesting. It turns out to appear the Google Pixel 2 is getting a better treatment from designers as well, and the latest mockup is outstanding. Here’s everything we can expect or not in the near future.

YouTube channel Concept Creator, recently shared an appealing Galaxy Note 8 concept video, is back again this time with a gorgeous teaser of its vision of the Galaxy Pixel 2.

Comparatively, the Google Pixel 2 is very much a mystery now. At this point, though what it’ll be called and its code names. Google also revealed a few months ago that the phone is going to be released this fall, carrying a price tag that is in line with its premium status, meaning that designers don’t have much rumors to work with.

The following concept imagines a Google Pixel 2 handset that’s somewhat similar to its illustrious predecessor, but also takes recent creativity designs from Google’s rivals into account.

Suggesting that Google will lay down several features which are not present on its first kind of Pixel handsets. So the new phone’s features dual cameras both on the back and on the front, at least, in this render. We have no idea what Google will do with the Pixel 2’s cameras this year, but considering the formidable camera performance of the original series, the fact that more and more smartphone makers looking at dual lens rear camera system and dual front-facing selfie cameras, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pixel 2 follow the suit.

The concept also appears to imply the phone will have a full-fledged screen design, which is one other major trend for flagship smartphones this year. What exactly Google plans to do with the Pixel 2 this year in unknown at the moment, but the phone is expected to pack an OLED display just like the original Pixel, but that’s pretty much all we know this far about the phone, currently.

Finally, the following clip is just a “teaser,” and not beyond that which means a full video should pop up in the near future.

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