Google Pixelbook, Pixel 2 XL, Clips, Pixel Buds, New Home Devices, More Announced

Google has officially used its highly anticipated event today to unveil some extremely interesting new hardware additions. Before unveiling Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the search giant looked to go head-to-head with Apple with its own kind of new brand, Google Home Max intelligent speaker and Pixel Bulbs, but is also offering an entry-level version of Home which sits closer to Amazon Echo and Dot.

The company has also unwrapped the new Chromebook Pixel, but Google is calling it Pixelbook this time around. We have all of the details below.

Exclusive Chromebook Pixel

Pixelbook: Google calls this beautiful piece of kit the Pixelbook, rather than Chromebook Pixel. It is essentially a high-end version of Chromebook Pixel with a slightly more aesthetically pleasing design. The gadget comes with a 12.3-inch display with a 2400×1600 resolution (235ppi) which sits on top of a slab block design machine complete with full-sized keyboard and a large trackpad that should make navigation more easy and enjoyable task. It can also be used as a dual, highly versatile creation which goes beyond a flip motion to become a tablet.

Pixelbook With Pen

Costing $999, the Pixelbook base model will ship with a seventh-generation Intel Core i5 processor clubbed with 8GB of RAM. This particular model will have a 128GB internal storage capacity and two USB-C ports for charging and accessory attachments. Following the likes of Apple and Microsoft shares, Pixelbook also has a dedicated Assistant key which users call up Google’s voice assistant with relative ease.

There’s a separate pen in offering, Google called it the Pixelbook Pen – for the machine, priced at $99. This Pixelbook Pen supports pressure and angled inputs by means. No denying the hardware screams premium from a physical aesthetic perspective, though, but expect it to scream premium from a pricing point as well as iot can cost up to $1,649.00 depending on the specifications chosen, and of course a lot to pay for a laptop that runs Chrome OS.

The Core i5 models of Pixelbook with 128GB and 256GB storage can be pre-ordered right now with a delivery time of 3-4 and 4-6 weeks respectively.

Google Home Mini Internals and Externals

For Google Home Mini, Google has deemed it necessary to update its Home speaker lineup as well. This Home Mini is a smaller version of the original Home speaker that brings all of the power users have came to expect but packed into a portable, more lightweight form factor. The pebble-shaped design of the Home Mini definitely catches the attention of those beauty concious technology lovers, especially considering it is adorned by a stunning material cover. You will find four embedded white lights that show signs of activity when the spaeker is in use. Google promising that this little miniature powerhouse will also be capable of delivering 360-degree sound with stunning crisp clarity.

This $49 speaker is an absolute bargain when you consider that you can get it with a variety of excellent fabric covers in different finish: Chalk, Charcol, Coral, and that it has all of the features that one can expect from an Assistant-powered device, such as invoking telephone calls, answering questions, and even controlling music or various home automation devices dotted throughout the home.

In brief, the short Home Mini is basically Google taking on Amazon’s Echo Dot recently introduced.

Pre-orders for Home Mini is live now with deliveries starting October 18.

About Daydream View 2

Keeping up with the aesthetics of the first Daydream View headset from Google, Daydream View 2 headset now commands a price tag of $99 compared to $79 for last year’s model.

Google claims to have installed higher quality lens in this latest contraption and also is giving you the choice of three different finish: Charcol, Fog, and Coral.

Google Home Max Details

With the likes of Apple and Sonos which have tipped their hands when it comes to their intentions to try and dominate home audio, and now Google Home Max comes to scene. Google has responded with Home Max, a larger gorgeous version of its intelligent speaker hardware. The design isn’t exactly what you would call flawless or great, but it features the same fabric overlay that comes with the Home Mini, or Apple’s own HomePod, and has two 4.5-inch woofers. It is bundled with a far-field microphones that will hopefully mean the Home Max can listen for commands even when listening music or playing.

Google Home Max

Hardware specs for Google’s new Home Max includes Smart Sound which gives it the ability to automatically tune itself into its surrounding environment in order to deliver the best possible audio experience for that room. The so called feature is across music, podcasts, and even telephone calls using digital learning algorithms. It comes with touch controls, Bluetooth and even Google Cast support, and a 3.5mm audio jack for accessory input.

It will be available in two contrasting finish; white, and black, and will sett Google Home Max for $399 in December. For those wondering, that is same price as Apple’s HomePod and it also has same shipping time as Apple’s smart speaker.

Google is also offering in a 12-month YouTube Music subscription to sweeten the musical deal.

In-Ear Pixel Buds

These $159 wireless earbuds from Google, Pixel Buds are a first for the software giant, and are a take on Apple’s AirPods, supporting gestures based functionality, including the ability to invoke the Google Translate feature when paired to Pixel phones. Comes with voice assistant capabilities, when spoken into the Pixel bud’s microphone, the Pixel smartphones are able to deliver the translation right out of their speaker in real-time.

You will get a 620mAh battery with Pixel Buds powering the earbuds with a playback time of 24 hours. The Pixel Buds are available in Just Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue colors. Also place your order right now, with shipping date estimated in 6 to 7 weeks.

Following Google Clips capabilities

Alternative to GoPro Hero? Clips is an AI-powered lifelogging camera that takes candid photos of the most interesting subjects while you wear or clip it anywhere. Google Clips also have the ability to capture sound-less video clips at 15fps. Photos are captured in 12MP with a 130-degree FOV. Storage comes in at 8GB for now, with Google asking $249 for the Clips camera.

There’s still currently no exact availability date mentioned on Google Clips as yet. Stay tuned for that!

Updated Google Assistant: What’s new and Changed?

In addition to new hardware, Google is also introducing new features to the updated Google Assistant. This includes the ability to integrate your everyday routines into commands and even broadcasting a message across other connected Home devices. There are more than 50+ new experiences packed into AI-powered digital Assistant now for families, including, story telling and much more. Support for smart home devices has also been increased to over 1000+ products with Nest things being taken into the fold as well.

Here they are, the two new Google branded Pixel devices, are now official: Google Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL Specs, Price, Release Date Announced

Price & Release Date

Pixel 2: 64GB for $649 | 128GB for $749
Pixel 2 XL: 64GB for $849 | 128GB for $949

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